Cryptocurrency — which one is better to invest in right now

Cryptocurrency — which one is better to invest in right now

To date, cryptocurrency is relevant, many are trying to purchase this currency because it is international, suitable for settlements, and it is not regulated by a certain party. However, before you buy any currency or invest in it, you need to study which crypto to buy right now because some currencies are suitable for making calculations. Some types of currencies are ideal for long-term investment, and some are considered very promising.

How to choose the best currency

The choice of cryptocurrency is so great that a person without experience can get confused. The fact is that today they offer a lot of options. You can easily choose any one, but it is best to study in detail all the nuances of each currency, you can choose from already known currencies, or you can opt for the latest projects that have just started. Experts believe that they will be as profitable as possible and will bring significant profit after a while.

When choosing a currency, it is important to pay attention to several factors at once, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the risks that they entail, as well as pay attention to:

  • user value;
  • market demand;
  • ease of use;
  • universality;
  • anonymity;
  • liquidity.

All these factors are crucial when choosing a suitable currency. It is also necessary to find a suitable currency with which you will make transactions. The exchange must be verified, it must be reliable, and promise the most convenient conditions. By applying to, you get the opportunity to protect yourself during various cases, including purchase, sale, exchange. As for the main factors, first of all, many assess the prospects of the currency, its demand, as well as ease of use. It should be understood that such a popular currency as bitcoin is not very suitable for making fast transactions.

This process may be delayed due to the blockchain, the process will take about an hour, so you will not be able to pay with this currency immediately. Modern currencies such as Solana, Litecoin, XP, and others are more suitable for this. Also, the currency should be as universal as possible, that is, it can be used in different directions. It is important that the person who owns a particular currency is completely hidden from third parties. Also, your asset should be liquid, it could be easily found on large crypto exchanges. When purchasing currencies, it is necessary to immediately assess all the risks that may await you in connection with circulation, storage, use.

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Main risks

It should be understood that the currency is a digital asset, it has a special technological vulnerability. And the main problem is the loss or destruction of the private key. Digital assets are stored in a crypto wallet, and the owner controls them using a special key. This information is completely unique, it is not recoverable, that is, if you have lost this key, it turns out that you have lost access to all crypto assets that are stored in your digital wallet. There are also risks, such as cyber security, systematic actions of the trading platform, third-party suppliers. They may be vulnerable to hacking, for example, in 2016, almost 120,000 bitcoins were stolen from the exchange in Hong Kong, and the amount amounted to more than $ 7,200,000.

Thus, the price drop was realized by 23%, that is, it is necessary to understand that attackers are constantly trying to hack such exchanges. Therefore, there is always the possibility of incurring losses. Also, risks may be associated with peer-to-peer transactions, that is, digital assets are sold on numerous online platforms, they may be with or without intermediaries. Trading platforms can simply combine various counterparties, but there will be no legal guarantees, only the participants of the transaction are responsible for this or that transaction.

There may also be such a moment as the risk of loss of confidence in digital currencies. It so happened that many currencies lose their popularity for some reason. If the currency has a high degree of uncertainty, then all this leads to the collapse of trading activities and a sharp drop in the crypto market.

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There may be such a risk as the emergence of legislative norms, they may prohibit or restrict trading in digital currencies. After all, crypto assets do not have a legal status, so the tools can be used by criminals, terrorist organizations, that is, some states may significantly restrict the right to purchase such currency. There may also be risks of converting cryptocurrencies, that is, these are legal restrictions, transfers with input and output, fiat currencies. Taxation risks may also arise in the future, you never know when the state will decide to establish special tax rules regarding certain investments. To do this, you will have to contact consultants to sort out this whole problem.

The best types of currencies for investment


As for choosing the most popular cryptocurrencies in the near future, it is an opportunity to purchase those currencies that have been popular for a long time, or those that are the most promising that have just appeared on the market. Experts are talking about the further development of a number of new currencies. Among the most popular currencies for investment are:

  • bitcoin;
  • ethereum;
  • binance;
  • tezer;
  • cardano;
  • ripple;
  • litecoin,

and other currency options.

The best three cryptocurrencies to invest in

Everyone is recommended to find out as much as possible about the currency in which he is going to invest so that in the future you will not have any surprises. If we consider bitcoin, then this is an original cryptocurrency, its price is much higher than other investment options. Bitcoin is the leader even though thousands of other cryptocurrencies are emerging. Bitcoin accounts for 40% of the total market capitalization, besides, many accept bitcoin as payment, which makes it quite a reasonable investment. Visa trades bitcoins, besides, Tesla director Elon Musk also invested in bitcoins, spent one and half $ 1000000000. All this speaks about the reliability of the currency wh. However, there are special investment risks, for example, the price of bitcoins varies greatly, in one month, the price can rise or fall by $ 1,000. By investing bitcoin, this is too expensive a process, you will have to spend a huge amount initially.

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Such a promising currency as Ethereum is called cryptocurrency number two. Ethereum is a whole network that was created by developers, it lags behind bitcoin in value but is ahead of a number of other competitors. It appeared much later than other cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, due to the fact that a special unique technology is used during its creation and storage, it remains afloat and looks really attractive in Etherium 2025 price prediction

According to blockchain technology, it has only one network for transactions. If we consider the risks, then you should know that in 2016 there was a hack, more than six million were stolen due to a malfunction of the wallet. The company takes regular steps to increase security, but at the same time, the risk of losing funds remains.

The three leaders are closed by such a well-known currency as the Binance. It reached its peak after 2017. The binance is slowly but steadily growing and you can buy it at any bnb exchange. The currency turned out to be less risky but a more stable investment option. It was created by an entire company, not just a group of developers. Despite the fact that it is protected by an entire block, which guarantees excellent protection, investors are still cautious about the security of this currency.

You should think about whether it is worth buying such a currency. There are a number of other currencies, but it is worth learning more about their liquidity, anonymity, universality, and other points before making investments. You should be sure that this currency is optimally suited for your purposes and only then give preference to it, but it is best to purchase several currencies at once so that in case of problems with one cryptocurrency, you have a completely liquid wallet.