Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

What tools do you use as a marketer? Do you prefer to use automatic services to save time or still you waste your time by using old methods of marketing? Does digital marketing really help you?

Can you name some of the services you use? Email finder? Company verifier? Phone number finder? What else? Hoe many helpful tools do you know?

I want to introduce the new gadget created to help digital marketers. It is a fast and economic tool created to eliminate a great part of marketing limitations. This new designed and created tool is Company URL Finder. Read the rest of this article to see how CUF helps digital marketers.

What is Company URL Finder service?

Company URL Finder (CUF) is the most modern and the newest tool in the world of marketing used to convert companies’ names to companies’ website addresses and domains in real time.

In other words the user writes a company name and CUF finds the domain related to that company name. He can also upload an excel file of companies’ names and CUF converts the names in excel file to a list companies’ domain in few seconds.

I like Company URL Finder as it has bulk services. Also it is provided at economic prices and is a fast service.  I haven’t seen any similar tool to Company URL Finder. It is the newest and the most creative service in this field which has three other services too mentioned bellow.

Company LinkedIn page finder

Company URL Finder detects and collects the URLs of companies’ profiles in social media. I mean LinkedIn.

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It gets a company name or the list of company names and converts them to companies’ profiles in LinkedIn. This service is also fast and affordable.

LinkedIn had around 750 million users in 2020 and it is predicted that this will increase significantly in 2021. LinkedIn connects job seekers to employers and recruiters and also connects companies to businesses.

CUF finds companies’ names!

CUF finds companies’ names based on companies’ emails or domains. In fact it gets a list of companies’ emails or domains and converts them to companies’ names.

CUF main features

  • It has the most comprehensive databases of companies’ domains (offline search).
  • It checks online web pages too to find all related and updated results.
  • Speedy services of Company URL Finder save time significantly. The process of finding URLs or converting domains and emails to names is only a few seconds. 
  • Working with Company URL Finder tool is very easy and is not a tedious process. All steps are explained by example in tutorial.
  • It is an economic tool and the price of its services is very cheap.
  • There is no competitor for Company URL Finder. It is the only active website in field of finding companies’ URLs. It is the strongest Company Name to Domain API.
  • It has four different services helping me in different fields (company URL finder, company LinkedIn page finder, company domain to company name and company email to company name).