Endings of Elden Ring Without Giving Anything Away

Endings of Elden Ring Without Giving Anything Away

Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, for example, have more than one possible conclusion. Elden Ring is by far the most ambitious game developed by FromSoftware to date. Given these two considerations, it should come as no surprise that Elden Ring’s massive quest has more than one possible outcome in the end. Yes, once you’ve defeated Elden Ring, you’ll have to play through the game again in New Game Plus to see the other possible outcomes. When it comes to initiating the final boss fight, you must make wise decisions in order to ensure that you are setting yourself up to achieve the cheap Elden Ring runes that you desire the most.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain all of the different endings found in Elden Ring. It is not an explanation piece for the endings, and it will not show any of the actual endings. There are no spoilers in this section — unless you consider revealing the number of possible endings in Elden Ring to be a spoiler in and of itself.

How Many Different Elden Ring Epilogues Are There?

This is a difficult question, which is appropriate for a massive game like Elden Ring. The most straightforward answer is that there are six different possible outcomes. Four of those endings, on the other hand, are strikingly similar. They’re all variations on the theme of what you might call a neutral conclusion. The other two options are special endings that will require a little more effort to obtain.

When you defeat the final boss, you’ll be prompted to perform an action that will cause the game’s ending sequence to play. In the event that you have certain items in your inventory, the option to use those items will be included in the prompt list. Depending on which item you choose, you’ll get a slightly different ending. A single ending can be viewed in a single playthrough, which means that even if you have access to all four endings, the one you choose will be the only one you see.

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You’ll be able to obtain this by completing the questline associated with the character Fia. For this, you’ll need to start Ranni’s questline, which will take you through the Lost City of Nokron, the Divine Tower of Liurnia, and the Deeproot Depths, among other places. This PS Elden Ring Runes can be obtained by visiting Fia and interacting with her, fighting the Lichdragon Fortissax dragon, and completing the quest.

This Mending Rune is associated with Corhyn, who, like Fia, is the first person you meet at the Roundtable Hold when you first arrive. Located near the Atlus Highway Junction, Corhyn is a small town. Further up the highway, you’ll come across the Forst-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace, which is worth a visit. A transporter is located nearby, and it will transport you to another bridge in Atlus, where you will encounter an odd, silent character wearing a golden sunflower mask. Return to Corhyn and inform him of the masked man’s whereabouts, and a questline will be initiated.

In order to collect the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, you’ll need to find the strange masked-man in Lynedell, Capital of Ashes (once that area is unlocked in the main story), which can be found in Lynedell, Capital Ashes (once that area is unlocked in the main story). To obtain this important item, you must first complete the sidequest given by the Dung Eater. After you have obtained your first Great Rune, the spirit of the Dung Eater appears in the Roundtable Hold.

You can start your journey by giving him a Seedbed Curse, which can be found in Leynedell, and he will give you the keys to the capital’s sewers, which will set you on your way on your journey. Your journey will take you into the sewers, through a swamp, and into the woods, where you will find four more Seedbed Curses to give him. You’ll receive the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse once you’ve completed this task.

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It is necessary to complete the Three Fingers sidequest in order to receive what could be described as a negative ending in the game. To do so, you’ll have to go back down the same sewers that you used for the Dung Eater’s quest and sludge through them once more.

When you drop into the sewer system that you used to find the Dung Eater, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a hole on the right (you may need a lantern for this). Moving forward will take you to the Dung Eater while moving through the wall will take you to the Three Fingers (as shown in the screenshot below). You will travel through a dungeon on your way to the Cathedral of the Forsaken, which is a dark and perilous journey. Once there, you’ll face a boss named The Lord of Blood and then platform down a jumping puzzle to reach the bottom of a shaft, where you’ll discover a Site of Grace. If you take off all of your armor and disarm all of your weapons, you may find yourself being embraced by the Three Fingers.

You’ll need to complete Ranni’s questline in order to get the best possible ending — where best refers to the best outcome for your character, not necessarily the most satisfying to watch — in order to get the best possible ending.

As previously stated, this sidequest begins at Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes and ends there. It’s a big one, introducing you to a few characters and taking you on a journey through not one, but two lost cities, as well as a literal wasteland of decay. This questline also contains a significant number of bosses. However, you will gain valuable lore knowledge, obtain some useful items, and, at the conclusion, you will discover what will undoubtedly be remembered as Elden Ring’s happy ending (or something similar).