Essential Things to Learn About Diamond Drill Bits

Essential Things to Learn About Diamond Drill Bits

Do you want to make holes in the wall of your house? Then drilling tools are everything you will need for it. A diamond drill bit is required when you want to drill through non-wood surfaces. It is undoubtedly an expensive investment but beneficial for small and large tasks. Diamond drill bits are available in various sizes, generally up to 5 centimetres. They are used in various professions, such as jewellery making, watchmakers used to make holes in the beads and all kinds of construction work. Diamond drill bits will never disappoint you, whatever the surface is made of.

If you are using a drill bit for the first time, hire an experienced diamond drilling company such as diamond drilling Kent to save yourself from accidents. Read the following essential factors related to Diamond Drill Bits.

What are Diamond Drill Bits?

Drill bits are commonly used machines for boring holes into the surface or hard wooden material. But diamond drill has a unique purpose of making accurate holes in non-wooden materials. It is a mechanical cutting tool that removes material and creates gaps in circular cross-sections.

When you hear a diamond drill bit, you may think it is some jewellery to beautify yourself! But that’s not true; diamond drilling comprises small pieces of diamond powder embedded inside the drilling parts; the reason to have it is that diamond is one of the hardest substances available worldwide, describing the tool’s power.

How are Diamond Drill Bits made?

Manufacturers use pressure up to 1.5 GPa and keep the temperature around 1250 degrees. Diamond powder is pressed onto the steel during the making using high pressure. Since diamond is the hardest substance, it still manages to cut power even after the process. Drill bits are available in various sizes. The smaller drill bits are for small tasks such as jewellery making, and the more significant drill bits are for rigorous drilling.

How many types of Diamond Drill bits are available?

Before going ahead with diamond drilling in Kent, please know the drill bit you want to use to make a hole. There are two types of diamond drilling bits: one is core drill bits and the other is blunt nose bits. Both are effective but serve two different purposes.

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The core drill bit, also known as the hole saw, is coated with diamonds around the edges and covered with diamond coating upside off the hollow tips. They drill the holes faster as their surface area is small. In contrast, the blunt nose bits deliver a unique function because they are used in small drilling tasks, making a hole all the way through. Both types of drill bits are valid and useful. The only difference is they are made of different kinds of material.

How long does it last?

The lifespan of a drill bit depends on three things – the company that manufactures it, the usage of the drill bit and the type of material used in making the drill bit. Some companies use poor-quality materials to make the drill bit that will wear out faster than expected.

What types of material can it drill?

Diamond drill bits can penetrate almost all types of materials. Now that you know there are two types of diamond drill bits, it is also essential to know the kind of material each type of drill bit can be used for.

The core drill bits cut non-ferrous materials such as fibreglass, porcelain tiles, ceramic, glass, granite, limestone and other stones.

The blunt nose drill bit is used for gems such as antlers or shells.

How to attach Diamond Drill Bits to my drill?

It helps you drill any material with ease. You do not need to separate drills to fit the drill bits if you have a collet; it can hold the drill bit of any size into the drill machine. Please ensure that a significant part of the bit is in the tool while you fit it. The drilling process is not only about the tools but also about the skills to perform them without damaging the constructions around them. Unskilled drilling processes can cause injury, so hire experienced companies such as diamond drilling kent for the various drilling services.

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What makes Diamond Drilling Bits different from other drilling tools?

Diamond drill bits serve a unique purpose; we know it is more complex than any other tool. It cuts through any material with utmost precision and does an excellent job. As it is made of the hardest substance, diamond drill bits can penetrate any surface irrespective of the thickness of the material or surface. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to carry, and various drill bits are available to suit the drilling requirement.

What precautions should be taken while using Diamond Drill Bits?

Drilling tasks can be hazardous and cause injury if not done accurately and appropriately. It is essential to follow the below-mentioned precautions before you begin to drill :

  • There will be a lot of vibrations, so wear safety gloves to hold on to the drill firmly. Not holding the drill firmly may lead to severe injuries.
  • Have some space to plant your feet on the ground when you decide to drill.
  • Protect your eyes from flying particles by wearing safety glasses.
  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothes that will not come in the way of your work. Tight-fitted clothing is the ideal choice for the drilling process.
  • Ask the company hired for drill purposes to provide you with an instruction manual so that you or anyone involved in the task do not face any difficulties.

How to maintain the speed of the Drill Bit?

Although diamond is the most potent substance, it can easily get ruined when the process is compromised. It is always advisable to maintain speed, pressure, density and lubricant while drilling. Start with a slow process, increase the speed halfway and turn it down again towards the end. Drillers must maintain the speed setting on the drilling machine. It will prevent cracks and chips in the structure and prolong the drill bit’s life.

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What is the use of coolant in Drill Bits?

Lubrication is necessary to cool the machine during the drilling procedure. It also helps in the durability of the drill bit. CA Drillers makes sure to use the water as a coolant spread over the tool’s inner core and clean the dirt and debris.

What are the general problems faced by Diamond Drill Bit?

There could be three common issues while using a diamond drill bit – high speed, too much pressure, and inadequate water. As already mentioned, water acts as a coolant in the drilling process. However, it is advisable to check the settings before the drilling operation begins. If a driller applies more than the required pressure to the tool or if it is operated at a high pace throughout the drilling process, it will cause burning and overheating of the drill bit.

How to maintain Diamond Drill Bits?

Diamond drill bit comes with a user manual guide; following it will give your drill bit the necessary care. Maintenance of the drill bit will increase its lifespan and help deliver the best results. Here are a few points on how to maintain your drill bit :

  • Maintain the sharpened drill bits for their precise edges.
  • Avoid realignment of the drill bit once the drilling starts, as it has a specific type of motion which needs to be followed for successful compilation of the procedure.
  • Know your drill bit in depth. Each drill has a different working mechanism. 
  • If the diamond drill bit loses shape, please send it back to the manufacturer.

Where do I get Diamond Drill Bit work done?

Contact CA Drillers, an ISO-certified company, for a convenient and reliable drilling job. We provide a wide range of diamond drilling services in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey and the UK. Our staff is accredited with CSCS and possesses an in-depth knowledge of diamond drilling. Be it a small hole or any significant long-term construction work. We provide timely services using high-grade equipment to finish the project successfully.