Everything You Should Know Before Using Kratom Products On Your Skin

Everything You Should Know Before Using Kratom Products On Your Skin

A proper skincare routine is essential in ensuring that you stay free from blemishes and spots. Over the years, dermatologists have also gained insights on the several different ailments our skin suffers and the causes behind these issues. There are several different products on the market, promising healthy and glowing skin free from these skin conditions. 

However, everyone’s skin is different. That’s why many people go through a trial-and-error process where they learn what their skin responds positively or negatively to. This can be time-consuming and result in skin damage, so it is not advisable. However, one product you should try due to its incredible effects on the skin is kratom. 

Kratom is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. It boasts several strains which differ in effects based on their alkaloid content. These strains are numerous, ranging from green borneo kratom to Bentuangie, and are widely available in reputable dealers’ stores. 

But before you purchase some kratom for your skin, here are a few things you should know before using kratom products on your skin.

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Best Kratom Strain for Skincare

Kratom comes from a herbal tree native to Southeast Asia. Kratom’s effects come from the interaction of the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine with the body’s opioid receptors. The different concentrations give rise to variations known as strains which have different effects on the body.

Certain kratom strains are more efficient in sedation than others, while others are better skincare options. One of the best strains to use for skincare is Maeng-Da kratom.

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Maeng Da kratom is a genetically engineered kratom strain famous for its potency. White Maeng Da kratom, in particular, is unlike other strains because it is not exposed to the sun when growing or allowed to ripen before harvesting. This helps it achieve the desired alkaloid content, leading to higher potency. For this reason, White Maeng Da kratom is known as a premium strain.

White Maeng Da kratom helps your skin by reducing signs of aging and wrinkles. It also aids in mood enhancement and relieves stress. Stress causes wrinkles and increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which results in breakouts and can even exacerbate conditions such as psoriasis. 

In addition, kratom contains rhamnose, a sugar that prevents wrinkling and aging, helping keep your skin youthful and glowing.

How to Use Kratom on Your Skin

The kratom industry is still relatively young since most people were not open to alternative herbal remedies in the past. As a result, the kratom industry does not have a wide range of products to choose from, such as creams and lotions. 

Kratom is mainly sold in powder form at the moment, but this powder is not to be used directly on your skin for maximum results. Experts recommend blending it with other skin-friendly products such as soaps, face, and hand washes. 

You can also make your kratom soap at home using kratom powder or extract combined with oil or distilled water. The best oils to use are coconut or olive since they also offer various skincare benefits. Online resources can guide you on the best measurements to use for this DIY project. 

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How Kratom Improves Your Skin

We can all agree that natural products offer the best benefits for our skin. They rarely cause allergic reactions since they are very gentle on the skin and are well-suited to prevent irritation and damage. 

Apart from kratom’s therapeutic and sedative effects, you can also expect this herbal extract to revive dull skin and maintain a healthy appearance.

Kratom powder works to help the skin by regulating sebum which leads to oily skin and eliminating irritation. It also prevents acne by reducing the buildup of dead skin cells and targeting acne-causing bacteria, leaving your skin clear and smooth. In addition, it evens out your skin tone and minimizes patchiness. 

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Kratom is currently legal at the federal level and is banned in a few states. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. So, if you reside in other states, you have access to this herb, but you should confirm with your state laws. Kratom is considered a form of alternative medicine due to the numerous benefits it offers users ranging from pain relief, sedation, anxiety management, and now skincare. 


For a long time, kratom has been used as a dietary supplement that offers stimulation and relaxation, but not many people know its skincare benefits. Kratom will nourish and protect your skin, giving it a beautiful appearance. The kratom products also come with natural ingredients that are gentle and have little to no side effects. 

If you need an all-natural solution to your skin problems, kratom might be all you need. We hope our guide will help you understand kratom products for skincare and kick-start you on the journey to better skin.