Should you consider CBD oil for jet lag?

Should you consider CBD oil for jet lag?

While traveling to new and exciting places could be fun for some people, for some others this can be no less than a headache. Going to a different time zone, setting your biological clock to the new time, dragging your luggage around, and finding a seat in a chaotic environment could be hectic for the brain. Traveling long distances exhausts you physically and affects your sleep cycle. The people who travel frequently must be familiar with the jet lag problem. Jet lag is an inconvenience, but you can overcome its symptoms with CBD oil. You can buy CBD oil online from vendors like Lazarus Naturals.


What is Jet Lag?

Jet Lag is a health disorder that can arise when you travel across different time zones. Our body maintains a rhythm for all the activities. We call it the biological cycle of the body in common words. When the circadian rhythm of the body functions properly, the internal rhythm matches with the surrounding environment. It sends us signals to maintain a steady sleep-wake cycle. With Air travel, you can travel thousands of miles from one country to another. This change of time zones and places can mess with our circadian rhythm. The body’s cycle gets accustomed to the time zone of the original location, where we started traveling from, and gets disturbed to sync with the new time zone.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian Rhythms are biological processes that run 24 hours in the human body to carry out the essential functions. The sleep-wake cycle is one of the many circadian rhythms that causes the problem of jet lag in humans. The various circadian rhythms of the body align themselves with the master clock of the brain. The clock in the brain gets influenced by outside factors such as light. Thus the circadian rhythms change with the day and light pattern. A circadian rhythm that works well promotes restorative and restful sleep. It influences our mental and physical health. With a change in the time zones, the internal circadian rhythm could be badly affected, and the symptoms come out in the form of sleep issues.

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Symptoms of Jet Lag and its prevention

Interruption of the circadian rhythm, the effect of the sunlight, pressure, and atmosphere of the air flight can make you experience jet lag. Traveling frequently and crossing multiple time zones makes you more prone to jet lag. The most common symptom of jet lag is disturbed sleep; others include high fatigue in the daytime that doesn’t go away with tea or coffee. It also impacts your focus and concentrating power. When you lack sleep, it affects other body functions making the person anxious. Jet lag can also cause excessive tiredness to the person. Although you cannot avoid jet lag completely, there are some things you can do to reduce its impact. Drink more water to stay hydrated, and try to sleep in the daytime to adjust to the new sleep cycle. Use a sleep mask while you travel. Also, expose yourself to light if you are traveling to the west and vice versa if you are going to the east.

Why use CBD Oil to help with Jet Lag?

There are many ways to get rid of jet lag, but there is no way that provides quick relief like CBD. Cannabidiol is an incredible organic compound that can help to ease off every symptom of jet lag. Many research and studies prove the diverse applications of this herbal plant. CBD oil is one of the most effective forms of consuming Cannabidiol. The extraordinary properties of CBD help us to recover from jet lag in a short time. The endocannabinoid system of the body manages most of our biological functions. Since CBD reacts with the ECS system, it is a potential cure for jet lag. Here are some benefits of using CBD oil for jet lag.

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CBD and Alertness

Cannabidiol has been a new subject for scientists, and in the past few years, some studies have happened on CBD. The studies are sufficient to bring out the positive side of using Cannabidiol in our lives. Cannabidiol induces alertness in the person. This fact is substantiated by a recent study on CBD and its effects. In a study conducted on rats, some male and female rats consumed Cannabidiol, and they showed more alertness during the testing time. Cannabidiol keeps drowsiness and lethargy away and keeps you alert the entire day. You can take CBD Oil orally and escape from the sleepy mode of traveling.

CBD and Circadian Rhythm

Disruption in the circadian rhythm is the foremost cause of jet lag. There is no better cure for jet lag than stabilizing and restoring the internal systems and processes to how they were before the trip. CBD Oil acts fast on the body and quickly revitalizes the system. Cannabidiol interacts with the ECS system that helps reestablish homeostasis in the body.

Mood and Anxiety

Change of environment and no internal vigor may make you feel anxious and down on your mood. Cannabidiol is known to uplift your frame of mind and take away anxiety. With its anxiolytic property, CBD calms the nerves and relaxes the body. It also boosts the release of the serotonin hormone. Oil is a direct and effective method of consuming Cannabidiol. Take CBD for saying goodbye to jet lag-associated mood swings and anxiety.

Pain and Inflammation

When traveling, you have to spend your entire traveling time sitting at your seat. This long hour of sitting makes your muscles sore and stiff. To avoid this situation, you will have to get up and take a stroll every 30 minutes. However, you cannot get up randomly in a flight session, so rely on CBD to help you out here. Cannabidiol is a muscle relaxant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Use CBD oil on your sore muscles to help relax them and take away the pain and inflammation.

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Jet lag is a common traveling problem that is associated with sleep. It happens when you travel across different time zones. We have a circadian rhythm in our body and a natural clock that manages the various biological functions in the body. The changing environment throughout travel affects the circadian rhythm of the body. The most affected part is the sleep-wake cycle. Cannabidiol is a popular herb used for a range of health disorders. Oil is the most preferred form of taking CBD. You can take CBD oil to deal with the symptoms of jet lag. The latest policy for transportation has also permitted carrying the FDA permissible Cannabidiol on travel.