Five Holiday Gifts Cannabis Lovers Will Enjoy from Veriheal

Five Holiday Gifts Cannabis Lovers Will Enjoy from Veriheal

The holidays have here, and selecting the ideal present for the cannabis veriheal in your life should be at the top of your to-do list—pun intended. It’s simple to buy your stoned friends and family members some extra weed for their stash, but it’s more difficult to come up with something unique that shows you really care. The following are some unusual but useful gift ideas that are guaranteed to wow any cannabis enthusiast.

Vaporizer Pax Veriheal

Cannabis vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking it. You’ve probably tried a cannabis vape pen with concentrate, but have you ever vaporized cannabis flower? Pax is a well-known brand that offers dry herb vaporizers for this purpose. While Pax goods are pricey, we believe they are worthwhile—why. here’s

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Pax’s simple-to-use, portable, rechargeable dry herb vaporizer makes vaping flower as simple as it can be. The Pax is the ideal dry herb vaporizer for a solitary session or one with guests, featuring one-button control and enough charge to last two hours. Veriheal machine has four temperature settings to select from that provide various sorts of hits, and it can also be used with concentrates.

Stash Jars for Care Bears

Stoners like a unique stash container! These lovely tiny Care Bear stash jars are available on Etsy in a range of designs ranging from standard Care Bears to more noticeable “stoner” Care Bears. They stand around 9 inches tall and include a half-pint canning jar for cannabis flower; just twist off the head and insert your stash. Keep in mind that this gift is not suitable for those with children since it might be mistaken for a toy.

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Waffle Maker for Weed

Everyone is aware that cannabis is frequently related with increased hunger, sometimes known as a case of the munchies. The marijuana waffle maker has arrived! This entertaining waffle maker produces delicious, thick waffles—but wait, there’s more! The technology imprints a massive cannabis leaf on the waffles, giving them a distinct ganja flavor. To create authentic cannabis-infused waffles, add a little decarbed cannabis to your waffle mix.

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Slide Lighter Tetra

This adaptable lighter, available in four colors, is an excellent present for anybody who smokes cannabis. The heating element mimics the top of a stove burner or a vehicle cigarette lighter, enabling the gadget to effortlessly light joints and pre-rolls. Until you’re ready to use it, the lighter is securely and easily kept inside of itself. Simply slide it open and the element will begin to light, enabling you to ignite even in the most windy situations.


HIGH Ball (“A Handheld Electronic Game for the Seriously Baked”) is the ideal present for your stoner pals. It’s not only a pretty light display; it’s also a mind-strengthening game that will put your physical skills to the test. HIGH Ball is available in two modes: game mode and ambient mode. The goal of game mode is to get the highlighted color to the top before time runs out. There are four unique music tracks and four interactive light patterns in the ambient mode.

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