THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Moon Chocolate Bar 100mg (2023 Review)

THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Moon Chocolate Bar 100mg (2023 Review)

I snuggled behind my umbrella as I walked into the gym before work. It was leg day, so I did some leg presses and lunges before heading to my first meeting. I stepped out of the shower to find out that the meeting had been rescheduled, which meant I didn’t have to go into the office. With a full day on my hands and an ache in my legs, I headed to my favorite dispensary in search of edibles. That’s when I tried Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar for the first time.

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Its celestial-themed packaging captures the eye, and I realized why approximately 30 minutes after dosage. It not only tastes fantastic, but the high is also balanced and mild. This bar is similar to its Instagram page in many ways: it’s aesthetically crafted and otherworldly, with a psychedelic twist.

Keep reading for my in-depth assessment of the Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Moon Chocolate Bar if you don’t believe me.

Product Design, Packaging, and Labeling

Moon bar packaging stands out on any shelf. The cosmic typeface and contemporary text box are set against an orange-tinted backdrop suggestive of a lunar storm, complete with dense cumulus clouds, a crater field, and a lonely horizon. The nutritional facts are displayed on the back of the resealable package, which is surrounded by multiple compliance warnings: one stating that the product is intended for people 21 and older, one stating that it contains products known to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm, one stating that nuts were used in the equipment used to make the bar, and a final one stating that the moon chocolate bar contains milk.

The package also specifies how many doses are included in a single bar (10), as well as social media handles, components, and a scale divided into 10mg portions for determining the right quantity for a dosage. It also contains labels indicating that the chocolate bar has been lab tested, as well as the produced date, date packed, and “Best By” date, as well as ID numbers for the lab sample, lot, and tester.

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At the bottom, it suggests eating one dose (10mg) and then waiting 45 minutes for the benefits to take effect.

When you open the package, you’ll see a long, milk chocolate-colored bar divided into doses. It resembles one of those long Tootsie Rolls, except it’s more hard and has “THC” etched on each of the 10 dosages. This product has the appearance of a typical chocolate bar, making it simple to mistake it for any other chocolate bar, cannabis-infused or not. This makes it simple to conceal and transport on the move.

What to anticipate is one thing that the box lacks. Aside from THC, toffee, and chocolate, it does not offer a terpene profile that explains what type of flavor or effects to expect.

Quality and Usability

When you bite into the bar, you’ll notice a smooth dark chocolate flavor that isn’t overpowering. As someone who dislikes dark chocolate, the combination of chocolate, toffee, and earthiness is ideal, and I was shocked at how much I loved it. The Moon bar is simple to handle and does not leave an oily residue, which is enhanced even more by adequate chilling. It’s also not too dry, which is essential while enjoying any chocolate product.

Potency, Efficacy, and Affordability

Given my limited tolerance for edibles, I began with one dose to see whether I required more, and I didn’t. The high began to kick in after only 10mg, and I’d believe that even people with a more developed edible tolerance would appreciate it.

a black hole Even as a light eater with a small dislike towards dark chocolate, this bar exceeded my expectations.

I divided the dose into five little nibbles, and after approximately 30 minutes, it really began to work. My eyes fell, my aching legs became heavier, and I began to feel like a renegade comet, and the corner of my sofa had turned into a black hole. Every muscle in my body relaxed, from the little ones in my face to my shoulders, all the way down to my feet, which I couldn’t bring myself to take out of my shoes. Overall, the effects were comparable to those of indica flower, albeit considerably more modest.

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While I ate the chocolate bar straight, it may also be used as an ingredient in a cocktail. I’d want to try it in a post-workout protein smoothie, and it’d be delicious in a hot chocolate on a chilly, rainy day. It may also be used in cooking. It would be a delicious chocolate sauce to sprinkle over a croissant or turnover. You may also cut the bar in half and use the earthy-chocolate taste to make an excellent s’mores experience. I bought three packets in all, and although they were all identical in size and flavor, the strength varies significantly every batch.

The Moon 100mg Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar is an excellent buy at $20. With ten doses per bar, it works out to $2 per dose, making it well worth the money, particularly because one dosage produces such a smooth body high. Despite the fact that there is a lot of competition among cannabis-infused chocolate bars, this one stands out on the market, and the flavor, efficacy, and convenience all add to why it’s a terrific pick.

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Nugg Score: How Does the Nugg Team Feel About This Product?

4/5 for packaging

Eye-catching package Small and compact, child-resistant, and simple to open
Throughout the branding, there is a consistent “intergalactic” concept.
4/5 for labeling

There is a lot of information jammed into the packaging: compliance labels, eating and storing instructions, a refrigeration suggestion, and a giant cannabis-infused label emblazoned on the front.
The specific dose and lab testing data are missing.
3/5 for ease of administration

The bar is separated into appropriate quantities, with a scale on the back indicating optimal dosing.
Consumers should start with one dosage and wait two hours before taking another.
4/5 for discretion

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This bar is easy to conceal and consume anyplace.
Aside from “THC” engraved into each dosage, it may be readily disguised as any other chocolate bar.
Taste: 4/5

Dark chocolate taste that is rich but not overpowering.
A smooth combination of cannabis, toffee, and chocolate.
A little cannabis flavor, but not enough to deter me from eating this edible.
4/5 for texture

Firm yet not too hard or brittle texture
It’s really simple to eat; it has a pleasant texture without being excessively dry or greasy.
4/5 for effectiveness

High suitability for both novice and expert customers
A hefty body high requires a 30-minute wait.
After only one dosage, you will experience profound relaxation – ideal for anybody who has difficulties sleeping.
4/5 for adaptability

Easily eaten as a chocolate bar or in a variety of baked creations.
It may be melted into a chocolate sauce, drizzled over cupcakes or ice cream, or mixed into brownies.
4/5 for consistency

While the size and flavor were similar, the strength varied significantly from batch to batch.
Price: 4/5 Consistent nutrition, components, lab testing, and cannabis content

At $20 for a box of ten doses, this is an excellent value in terms of flavor and efficacy.

Overall score: 3.9

Whether you’re new to cannabis edibles or a seasoned user, the Moon 100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar is well worth a go. This Moon bar is a low-risk alternative for picking your next edible cannabis purchase, from its lunar and easily-recognized packaging to the delightful combination of chocolate, toffee, and marijuana that follows, to the peaceful, full-body high that follows. Just remember to carry your spacesuit since you’ll soon be departing the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you reside in the Los Angeles region and want to sample Moon’s THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid Chocolate Bar, check to see if Nugg Club can deliver to your location!

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