Going Green as a Business: Some Simple Tips

Going Green as a Business: Some Simple Tips

The environmental crisis has become increasingly concerning over the past few years, and individuals and businesses alike are starting to think about how they can make a difference. A lot of customers now look out for businesses that have eco-friendly practices, as this can say a lot about the overall ethics of a brand and the kind of impact that they’re having on the local environment and beyond. If you are a business owner who’s also worried about how the climate is changing among other environmental issues, you might have already thought about what you can do to make a difference. Below are some simple suggestions that all businesses can implement to start moving towards more eco-friendly operations.

Make Sure People are Recycling

Recycling has been made easier in so many ways that there’s no excuse for both individuals and businesses not to do it. You can purchase bins for the office for paper, plastics, and general waste, too. You might even find that putting one for tins and glass in the office kitchen can be useful if anyone has these materials on their food packaging, etc. Place signs up in the office reminding people of your recycling policy and encouraging them to follow it. 

Upcycle Office Furniture and Computers

Another way you can reduce general waste in the workplace is by opting to purchase upcycled office furniture and computers when you need new equipment. A lot of the time, these things can be repurposed so that they work like brand-new, and this will not only help you have a more sustainable approach to your office setting, but it might help to save you money on these purchases too. 

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Reduce Paper

A lot of paper can get wasted in offices, particularly when you think about all of the printing for presentations or other documents that could be shared digitally. It might be a small step, but try to encourage employees to only print out essential documents that need to be in hard copy, and stick to sharing digital files where possible.

Be Mindful of the Materials You Use

You should also think about the materials you are using in the office and to produce your products. For example, here are some tips on how to use materials to improve your eco credentials as a printing business, where you will be using inks, papers, and more to create banners, posters, signs, etc. Even if your company provides a different kind of service, it’s important to carefully consider the materials you use in your operations and how they are impacting the environment. See if there is a way you can make some adjustments to help improve your company’s effect on the planet.

Reduce Overall Energy Consumption

Your business will use a lot of energy each day, especially when you think about how many people use computers and other electronic devices to carry out their tasks. While this is unavoidable, do start to think about how your business can reduce its energy consumption. For example, asking people to switch the kettle and other electronics in the staff break room off at the plug at the end of the day, and doing the same with their computers. Using energy-efficient lighting in the office can also help, although you may need to speak to your building manager about this if they are responsible for this kind of maintenance.

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Raise Awareness

Another way your business could help the environment is by using your platform to raise awareness of these issues. Working alongside environmental charities and organisations, you will not only learn more about more eco-friendly practices as a company, but how you can share these messages with your customers and followers. You might even find that organising a fundraising event to help these causes will be a big help, and it can also work as some positive publicity for your brand too.

Encourage Cycling to Work and Carpooling

When your employees are travelling to and from work, think about how you can encourage them to make greener choices. This could be using public transport if they don’t already, or even cycling into work where possible. You can make cycling to work easier for them by providing a secure place for them to keep their bikes, and perhaps even showers or changing areas where they can freshen up for work after the ride in. Suggesting that employees carpool to and from work could also be a good idea if this is something that they’re comfortable with and they live nearby to each other.

If you want to try and take a greener approach to how you run your business, think about the suggestions above and see how they could help your company start making a difference.