How to Avoid Ruining Makeup Under Mask

How to Avoid Ruining Makeup Under Mask

Even with some COVID-19 restrictions lifting, it’s likely we will be wearing masks for quite some time. Ever since we were first mandated to wear face masks in public places, those who wear makeup have faced a dilemma. Makeup may seem unnecessary for some, but many have chosen to not let the pandemic stop them from expressing themselves and getting a little dressed up.


For those who are wishing to continue getting glammed up, here are some tricks, tips, and ideas for ensuring you put your best face forward, even while wearing a mask.

Always Moisturize

If you plan on wearing your mask for an extended period of time, your skin may become subject to irritation and chaffing. Face masks will pull on clean, dry skin, so a thicker, heavier moisturizer is your answer for creating a smooth surface and reducing the friction against your skin. This step is essential whether you plan on wearing foundation or not. Also never forget your SPF!

Use a High-Quality Primer and Setting Powder/Spray

If you plan on wearing foundation under your mask, primer and a setting product are essential. Your mask will trap in moisture, meaning your foundation will easily melt without the proper products and application. Primer will create a smooth, even base for your foundation and help your makeup last way longer. Those with oily skin should consider a mattifying oil-free primer to ensure your makeup stays in place.

A good setting powder after your foundation is also key to preventing your face makeup from being removed. Loose, translucent powder is the best choice for achieving a shine-free finish and protecting your foundation. You can also finish off with a mattifying setting spray to create a longer-lasting finish.

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Use Lightweight Foundation

Many are opting to not wear foundation, as it is easily transferred to your face mask. But if you feel most comfortable with additional coverage, a lightweight, mattifying, and non-comedogenic foundation is your answer. A non-comedogenic formula will ensure that your pores don’t become clogged, while the lightweight finish allows you to build up to your desired coverage level without your foundation becoming too cakey.

Choose Matte Lipstick

Just like your face makeup, matte lip products are going to be your best choice when avoiding makeup transfer to your mask. Matte liquid lipstick is the perfect choice for keeping your color fresh and in place all day. Just in case you do experience transfer from your lipstick, try to go for a softer color to avoiding permanently staining the inside of your mask. A lip stain would also be an ideal choice for keeping your lip color intact.

Waterproof Makeup is Your Friend

Another great way to ensure that your makeup stays put under your mask is by opting for waterproof formulas. When your breath is trapped inside your mask, it creates condensation that will settle on your face and easily melt your makeup. While setting spray and powder can help combat this, waterproof makeup is unlikely to wear off, even with abrasion. Do keep in mind that waterproof makeup is sometimes tricky to remove at the end of the day as well, making it not the best choice for everyone.

Focus on Your Eye Makeup

With the bottom half of your face having to remain covered most of the day, now is the time to focus on your eye makeup and brows. False lashes, highlighter, and bold brows are all great ways of accentuating your features, even while wearing your mask. Try getting creative and experimenting with colors and styles you’ve never tried before.

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Be Prepared for Touch-Ups

Even when implementing theses tips, when wearing a mask that’s constantly rubbing your skin, you’re bound to have some makeup transfer, especially around areas where the mask fits tightly. To combat this, be sure to keep a small, portable makeup bag stocked with everything you need for touch-ups. This may include a makeup sponge, brushes, concealer, and powder. With this “emergency kit”, you can touch up at any time during the day. If you find yourself without a makeup kit, simply wash your hands and use your fingers to smooth out any creases or lines in your makeup that your mask has caused.

Always Wash Your Mask After Use

In order for your mask to be properly effective, it needs to be washed after every use. This is especially true if you’re going to be wearing makeup underneath. Skin cells, dust, oils, and bacteria can easily breed on the inside of your mask and can lead to clogged pores and acne. Wash your mask in hot water and a skin-safe detergent to sterilize and ensure it’s ready for use again.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Make-Up Free

If you find these tips to be a bit too much work, don’t be afraid to forgo your makeup and go bare-faced. Many people find it uncomfortable to wear makeup under their masks, so sometimes the best choice is to let your skin breathe. The important thing to remember is that safety comes first and to never leave without your mask, no matter what your beauty routine is.