How to Create a Website for Small Business within an Hour

How to Create a Website for Small Business within an Hour

Websites have become crucial for businesses. Creating a website in the early 2000s was way harder and a person would have to invest a lot to make one for their needs. But today, creating a website has become very easy with the use of tools and anyone with a little knowledge can create one for them.

There are two main ways that you can choose to create a website. One of the ways requires very less investment to create a simple site but the other one requires some investment to add some functionality to the website.

The two ways are:

Creating a Website with the Help of a Freelance Web Designer or Agency

If you have a business that you started recently or your business is in a growing phase and you don’t have much time to create a website on your own or in case you don’t have much knowledge about coding and related things to create a fully custom website. The best way is to hire a freelance web designer.

A web designer is a person that can create a site for you from scratch, manage and even help you promote your website. Hiring them is best if you are on a budget. They can add different functions that you will need as per your business. They can create simple websites, E-commerce website or website of any kind.

You can find these freelancers on different freelancing platforms, but if you want the best among them you can contact Freelance Web Design UK. He is one of the top freelancers in the UK who is not just only award-winning but also has a number of positive reviews from satisfied clients on his websites that you can read before choosing him.

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The other way is to hire a web designing agency for this work. These are kinds of firms that have dedicated teams for projects and can create a fully functional custom website in no time. But, keep in mind that they cost a lot from 1,000 dollars to even $20,000. So if you are on a budget, they may not come in handy.

Now let’s have a look at how you can create a website on your own

How to Create a Website on your Own

Here are some steps that you will need to follow to create a website within an hour or so.

Buy a Domain Name:

Buying a domain is the first step. A domain is the unique address of your site that users can use to directly reach out to your website. This term may sound complicated but it is not. It is simply your websites name with an extension. For instance, if your business name is Harry’s Fashion, your web address will be The .com, .co and other similar extensions you may have seen are used with the name that helps users to access your site.

A domain is crucial because it will help you look like a trusted brand and improve your website’s credibility. Also, you need to keep the domain name as simple as possible because it will help your customers to memorize the domain name easily.

When choosing a domain name, you should search for different names with extensions and if your business is just for the locals, you should go for extensions that signifies your location like .co.UK for the UK or .de for Germany.

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Website hosting:

Web hosting is a database where all your sites content and data I stored. It acts as storage and helps you keep your content up for the users.

There are plenty of web hosts available but if you are a newbie to this you can choose Bluehost. Their annual fee is $100 per year but if you start getting more visitors and require more power for your site, you can later upgrade your hosting plan and that upgrade may cost you around $300-$500.

SSL certificate:

When you buy hosting from a company, you may get SSL with the package but some may not include it. SSL certificates are essential when it comes to secure your website from bugs and hackers. If your sites don’t have SSL then your site is always at risk. Also, when a visitor visits your site they will be notified that your site isn’t safe for browsing which discourages most of the users to leave your site instantly, ultimately you may lose some potential customers and clients as it will not only leave a bad impression but they won’t trust your services too. The cost of SSL depends on the level of security you need, it may cost you around $10 to $300 each year.

Premium website theme:

For the design and layout of your site, there are a lot of themes available to choose from. These are pre-made designs that are easy to apply and customize. Most of the web hosts offer free and premium themes that you can buy or choose from the shop.

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Buying a premium theme is recommended because it will help you create a positive image of your brand for the client. After all, a premium template looks more professional and trustworthy. The price of themes varies from free to thousands of dollar depending on your needs and preference.

Premium plugins:

Just like themes, you can buy or get plugins for free available on the host’s store. Plugins play an important role to manage and enhance your website. They are meant to ease your work and help you grow at a faster pace. Many website owners use premium plugins to get things done. There are also free ones available, and they are good too, but you need to pay for some additional functions that the plugin offers. Keep in mind that not all the plugins work the same as they are advertised, so beware when choosing one. Try to go with trusted old brands. This way you will save a lot of your time that you may waste otherwise when trying different plugins. The cost varies from plugins to plugins.