What Are Nic Shots

What Are Nic Shots

The ongoing rage in the demand for vaping products has gathered top-speed and is nowhere to be seen to come to a halt. With the increase in vaping-related accidents, the EU launched a set of regulations against vapes and E Liquids manufacturers called the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Due to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), E Liquid manufacturers have been under tight regulations that have to be followed for them to continue doing business. E liquids that have nicotine have come under severe check under the TPD. However, E Liquids that don’t have nicotine currently do not come under the TPD laws as of yet. The regulations require new E Liquids to be tested before selling. This is a slow process and costs manufacturers a lot of time. Since under the regulations, only nicotine-containing E Liquids have to be tested, manufacturers have developed nic shots. These are 10mL TPD compliant bottles of unflavoured nicotine E Liquid. Since under the TPD compliance, manufacturers are not allowed to make bottles of nicotine E Liquid larger than 10mL, they make flavoured bottles in larger sizes but without nicotine. The nic shots can then be mixed with the larger flavoured bottles to get the same vape liquid as before TPD regulations came into place.

How Are Nic Shots Useful For Customers?

Vapers were impacted by the TPD regulations in the way that the maximum bottle size limit was restricted to 10mL for any E Liquid containing nicotine. This made it inconvenient because then regular vapers have to buy refills again and again. Nic shots are TPD compliant and very useful for DTL and sub-ohm vapers who consume more juice than normal vapers. The idea of nic shots proved to be successful because manufacturers only need to test their nicotine shot once while releasing flavoured nicotine-free E Liquid at the same time. This has helped manufacturers provide variety just as before without having to wait to get it tested and approved, and users can enjoy vaping just as much as they did before.

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How to Use My First Nic Shot

Before the TPD regulations came into place, users could avail of 100ml flavoured nicotine E Liquid bottles for their vapes. Since the new regulations limits it to 10ml, you can still get a flavoured nicotine-free E Liquid in 100ml quantity, but packed in 120ml bottles. The extra space at the top is to add your nic shot and mix it without overflowing. We also know you may be worried about getting a very dilute flavour, but thankfully, the manufacturers have already worked on making the concentration perfect. 

You may also wonder how, even after adding a nic shot to a flavoured 100ml bottle in a 120ml pack, you’ll still be left with 10ml space. This is because a lot of people choose to add 2 nic shots in each 100ml flavour quantity, to get a stronger, and richer nicotine inhale. This is mostly done by those who have been ex-smokers whether it is cigarettes or cigars. 

Nic Shot Types With the introduction of salt nicotine, users can now enjoy freebase nicotine E Liquids and nicotine salts. An E Liquid with nicotine salts will give you a stronger hit as compared to one without it and is suitable for people that use lower-powered devices and require a higher concentration of nicotine consumption. Other users can opt to go for menthol flavours.