How to get free delivery online with Shipmo?

How to get free delivery online with Shipmo?

Looking for tips on how to save on delivery costs when shopping online?

Read on to find out the best tips for saving on delivery costs and I’ll also tell you about a revolutionary service called Shipmo!

Different ways to save on shipping costs when ordering online

Combine items in your basket to save on shipping costs:

When shopping online, it may be cheaper to buy several items from one merchant than to buy a single high-priced item from another. In addition, some merchants offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount or when a minimum number of products are purchased.

 If you buy several items from the same seller, it is worth researching these retailers and comparing their prices with those of other sellers. Always check delivery offers before buying anything online. Hundreds of online shops offer free delivery on all orders, so don’t be afraid to research until you find the best deal possible.

Opt for in-store collection:

Avoid shipping costs by picking up your order directly. Picking up at the shop of your choice is always free and you won’t have to pay any shipping costs. You can even choose another pick-up location if your nearest shop does not have what you are looking for! Make sure the product can be collected from the shop before you place your order. Once your order is available for collection, it will appear in the ‘Collect in shop’ section of My Account.

 Buying second-hand items:

Buying second-hand is a great way to save money. It means that the seller has already paid for the shipping once and you don’t have to pay any additional shipping costs.

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Give Shipmo a try:

Become a Shipmo member and get free delivery for life on all your purchases! Save money every time you buy something online. No matter which e-commerce site or platform you use, you can have your items delivered to your door for free with a Shipmo membership. From beauty products to sporting goods, home decor to fashion accessories, save money by shopping with Shipmo. If you’re looking for the best way to shop online, look no further than Shipmo it’s the best way to save on shipping every time!  Shipmo membership helps you save money on every order you place online. Whether you buy from your favorite big online retailers or small independent shops, Shipmo takes care of everything. Shipmo members want online shoppers to get value for money every time, which is why we cover your shipping costs every time. We know things can add up quickly, especially when shipping costs can be so expensive. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial and see for yourself!