How to Sell on the Internet? Our Expert Tips

How to Sell on the Internet? Our Expert Tips

Do you run a business and want to understand sell on the internet your products and / or services? To sell online it is not enough to use e-commerce or to use an online sales platform, it is necessary to do marketing to attract customers.

To decide how to sell on the internet, you need to understand the weight that the internet has on your business model. As explained below, online sales are constantly growing, so it’s definitely worth starting if you haven’t already. 

Worldwide online retail is growing

Never as in the last year have people spent so much time connected to the internet, either because of the spread of the pandemic, or because of the ever-increasing ease of access to the network and its services. In 2020, it took only 3 months of restrictions to see the interest in online shopping searches and how to shop and save money with millets discount code in the UK or in other countries.

The growth of online sales worldwide in three months has reached the level they would otherwise have reached after 3 years, in 2023 ( Think with Google ). 

As of May 2021, statistics in the UK show that the number of digital shoppers is 2.14 billion. More than one in every 4 people buy online .

Global online retail sales are growing and are estimated to reach 8.8% of total retail spend.

Do you have a site to sell online? Have you seen your online business grow in the last year?

Mobile traffic is growing compared to desktop traffic

Statistics show that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic (i.e. desktop, typically via computer).

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48.2% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. It means that the sites must be able to be viewed, and the information found quickly and correctly not only on the computer but also on smartphones. 

Do you know what your user base is like? Where do they mainly connect from?

When it comes to the web it is good to remember that it is not enough to have a website from which to sell online, but above all it is important how to sell on the internet: it is no longer a side activity, but a process that has become increasingly central, which accompanies the physical sale and completes it, to the point of replacing it in some cases.

Online sales platforms 

If you do not have a dedicated website or an e-commerce, seriously consider not opening it at all, but take advantage of platforms to sell online such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay etc. In this case, in fact, you reduce the entrepreneurial risk by reducing start-up costs.

As we have already explained in the post Selling online or opening an e-commerce. What is more convenient? designing, building, testing and maintaining an e-commerce site has costs that annually affect the budget of a company, which must be accompanied by the costs of promotion to conquer positions in the rankings of search engines. 

Winning the trust of customers , as well as of search engines, takes time and large investments. Customers first need to get to know you, so they need to be able to experience the shopping experience, feel good and come back to buy. These are different and far from obvious steps.

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Online sales platforms already have a base of users who consult them regularly and place their trust in them, therefore they can certainly be used to expand the turnover of a commercial activity and find new customers.

Do you have an online sales site? You may be missing out on a lot of sales

If you manage a small business, surely your day will already be absorbed by the numerous commitments that your business entails, so it is understandable not to have the material time or technical skills to devote to the online sale of your products. 

Just like a physical store, a website and an ecommerce store need advertising to promote products and be known by users for online shopping. There is a need to continually dedicate time and resources to attract customers and increase sales.

How to sell on the internet with Movylo

Movylo is the marketing office for commercial activities like yours: with little time to dedicate to online and mainly interested in making cash.

Integrate your customer list in one place, encouraging them to buy from you. Just connect the different social accounts, your site, collect the data directly in your physical store.

Thanks to the smart pilot you can periodically send your customers promotions, coupons, offers and incentives for the immediate purchase of your products and services via the web and via mobile. Your customers can buy and pay for a product or service immediately and then come to your store to collect it or have it delivered to their home through the delivery service that you can easily manage from the platform.