Not just words: how to achieve goals by changing your mindset

Not just words: how to achieve goals by changing your mindset

All about how affirmations work and how to use them correctly.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations especially composed phrases, the regular repetition of which sets the subconscious mind to new goals. Despite the fleur of esotericism, affirmations are a rather effective exercise for self-development. Therefore psychologists often use them in their practice. An affirmation is capable of programming the mind to believe in the stated concept because the mind does not know the difference between what is real and what seems to be fantasy.

When you watch a movie and start laughing or crying, your mind empathizes with the characters on the screen, although these are just Hollywood tricks. There are both positive and negative types of statements. For example, negative words from childhood can remain with us in the conscious or unconscious mind, which we then strengthen throughout our lives. Such attitudes can become a serious obstacle to success, internal balance, and harmony. Positive statements made with confidence, on the contrary, help people make significant positive changes in their lives.

How to build an affirmation

The most crucial thing in creating an affirmation is to formulate the words correctly. It can be difficult for beginners to build a strong phrase, avoid possible mistakes, and strongly repeat their goals. There are a some rules to follow.

  1. Affirmation should not contain negation and negativity. If you are determined to find a worthy partner, repeat “I have a reliable and nobleman”, and not “I no longer meet with bad guys.”
  2. The phrase should be pronounced in the present tense, and thought should acquire the features of reality.
  3. Affirmations must be clear. It would help if you did not use complicated or ambiguous constructions.
  4. No half measures. Choose the best option for yourself. If you dream about a car, make a convertible, not a minivan.
  5. Only personal affirmations. It will not be easy to solve the problems of a person close to you through affirmations, but you can show by your example that this works.
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Use technology for the best results.

First, you need to choose the one that most bothers you at the moment. Next, pass a small test to help determine the most acute angles in the selected area. After that, the application provides mental installations focused only on you. Affirmations already comply with all the rules, are formulated, and are right for you. The most effective phrases can be added to Favorites. The Mental Mentor encourages you to work hard and motivates you to develop along with it, and the ability to set a reminder will help make practice more regular.

For a stronger effect, there are two types of practices: verbal helps to believe in the power of your thoughts and words, and tactile – to concentrate more deeply and feel the response to your installation in the light vibration of the gadget. The musical arrangement and pleasant colors will help you to immerse yourself in a meditative state completely, escape from the hustle and bustle, better know yourself, and effectively go to your goals. The application is available in the AppStore.