Pink Super Moon in April 2020. And this is great news.

Pink Super Moon in April 2020. And this is great news.

On April 8, not only a spectacular astronomical phenomenon will occur in the sky, but also a happy astrological

April Full Pink Super Moon, following the ancient astrological calendars, is traditionally called “pink.” This is slightly misleading. No, the surface of the satellite does not take on the shade of the famous cartoon panther, strawberry marshmallows or dresses from the Valentino couture collection. The lunar event received its name because the full moon of this month usually coincides with the flowering of phloxes, known as “pink moss.”

The current pink Full Moon is also a Super Moon – the moment when the Moon is at full perigee (that is, closest to the Earth, which makes it visually larger and brighter than usual). Since this is the second super-full moon in a row (the first super moon in 2020 passed in March), its power and influence will be felt more due to the proximity of the celestial body.

It is important to know that the current phenomenon takes place in the sign of Libra, which indicates the focus on harmony: we strive to find the perfect balance between what we give to others and what we do for ourselves. (The self-affirmation of the “reigning” Aries is now and the desire for compromise and cooperation of Libra.)

But not everything is so cloudless. The current period will make us face the unpleasant realities of life. Lies will be exposed, and the truth will be revealed, secret relationships will become apparent.

The fact that this celestial event occurs during the coronavirus pandemic gives us a kind of unique chance to know ourselves. Social distancing made us think about partnerships on a whole new scale. Some people can get close like never before. Libra usually likes to avoid conflicts, and this can be our “lifeboat” in these tense times for the whole world.

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Regardless of whether you are currently isolated with a quarantine partner or not, this pink Super Moon will shed light on any problems that may arise in your relationship and will give you a chance to deal with them. Right now, you have everything you need to handle anything.