Preparing Staff for a Trade Show: 5 Tips

Preparing Staff for a Trade Show: 5 Tips

Are you taking your business to a trade show? This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new customers and demonstrate why your brand is exciting and fresh. What’s more, you can meet with other businesses too and learn more about the industry. Attending trade shows can be highly profitable for brands that are new and established.

But, the key to success at trade shows is making sure that you have the right staff. After all, you need to engage with passers-by and impress consumers. So, you need to prepare your staff in advance. Here are some tips to help you do this.

Keep the Goals in Mind

Every business is going to have different goals when it comes to a trade show. For example, you may be looking to convert a certain number of sales on a particular product. Perhaps you are more concerned with handing out business cards and making sure people hear about the name of your brand. Either way, you need to create some goals and communicate these with your staff. This makes sure that you are all on the same wavelength and are working together to achieve them.

Check-In With Staff

Something important you should do with your staff is check-in with them ahead of the trade show. For example, ask them how they are feeling about going to this type of event and communicating with a lot of people. There will be some members of your staff that are excited and ready for this. Others might struggle and not be comfortable with this environment. In the case that some staff do not want to go to a tradeshow, you need to make sure that you have the numbers. You can always use an event staffing agency like can provide scalable teams of highly experienced young workers to meet the events needs and deliver an unforgettable experience for all attendees. 

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Serve with a Smile

When you are at a tradeshow, there are definitely going to be customers that want to engage with you. So, this means that you have to remind staff to be friendly and serve with a smile. This is something that can make a huge difference. Your brand can make a good impression and show how accommodating they are. Customers will remember how staff treat them. So, even if someone does not buy a product at the time, they are more likely to do this later on if they have a positive experience at the tradeshow.

Dress to Impress

 You are going to work hard to make sure that your station at the tradeshow is exciting and enticing to passers-by. Often, this means having popular products out on display, as well as having large and eye-catching banners. But there is something else that people are going to look at. They will check out what your staff are wearing. Indeed, if your staff are dressed well, this is going to be impressive to customers. They are going to have a good perception of your brand and what you are all about. Alternatively, if your staff do not coordinate and watch what they wear, this can give a bad impression. So, make sure that you communicate the dress code to your staff ahead of time.

Try to Close Sales

There are a lot of sales that can be made at a tradeshow. People are coming here to discover new brands and companies, as well as to make purchases. So, this is something that you can want to take advantage of. Therefore, you need to tell staff that this is the time to close sales. You want people to purchase now rather than later. In addition, you could communicate discounts and offers that you will run on the day so that staff can really push for sales with customers. It is true that people are looking for good deals at tradeshows and you want to be able to deliver them. For those customers that are on the fence, the right offer can go a long way. To have this discussion with your staff and how much of a discount they can give to people they are communicating with.