Bucket List: 49 Best Sex Positions

Bucket List: 49 Best Sex Positions

Make a list of the 49 best sex positions for your bedroom.

Friends, perfectly sunny beach days, and your go-to manicure are all better on repeat. But what about your sexcapades? Certainly not one of them. Even the hottest spark in the bedroom requires new sex positions from time to time to stoke the flames—otherwise, things get boring fast.

“Anytime you introduce something new and exciting into the bedroom, you set yourself up for a more stimulating experience and a bigger finish,” says Vanessa Marin, a Los Angeles-based licensed sex therapist. In short, your brain craves novelty, and your brain, especially for women, is heavily involved in your excitement and satisfaction.

Experimenting with different moves can also help your relationship. “The loss of novelty in the bedroom is a significant challenge to intimacy,” says Shawntres Parks, a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Diego. Exploration between the sheets heightens emotional intimacy and encourages partners to take risks and grow as a couple. New sex positions will promote vulnerability with one another both in and out of the bedroom. Finally, your connection will be infused with an additional dosage of trust.


In rare circumstances, swapping positions may even be required. “If you’re thinking ‘ouch’ when a sex offer is made, you may absolutely benefit from trying various positions that are more pleasant for people with different abilities, as well as those who have chronic pain or discomfort from penetration,” Parks says. But just because you’ve discovered a pain-free posture doesn’t imply it’s your only choice. While it’s easy to go into a rut after you’ve perfected that go-to, comfy, climax-every-time position, Parks encourages you to keep things fresh. There are SO many options out there, some of which are even beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you going it alone? You may also make your own combinations. No matter how hard they try, no one can please you better than you, so devote some quality time to understanding what makes you happy without the burden of needing to make someone else happy. There are numerous positions you can play with yourself, and if you want to bring someone else into the action, you’ll know exactly what you want them to do and can communicate that right away.

But where should I even begin? How about any of these 49 orgasmic positions that will blow your mind?

What is your preferred sexual position with a new partner?

1. 69

How to do it: Have your spouse lay down on their back, flat on their stomach. Then climb to the top, facing away from their upper body. You’ll look like the number 69 this way, get it? Your genitals should be parallel to your partner’s mouth, and theirs should be parallel to yours. Try it in a side-by-side configuration as well.

Why: This is one of the best positions for dual pleasure because both partners can give and receive at the same time.

Make it hotter: While the mouth-to-genitals stuff is the main attraction, don’t be afraid to get handsy as well. You might even bring in a sex toy if you find it difficult to concentrate while your partner is going down on you and need to proxy for a while.

2. Corkscrew

Rest your hip and forearm towards the edge of a bed or bench, and squeeze your thighs together. Your spouse straddles you and enters or grinds from behind.

Why: Keeping your legs pressed together during this sex position allows you to maintain a firmer grip on your partner as they thrust.

Make it hotter: Instead of relying on your partner, try softly pushing your hips to match the speed.

3. Face-Off

How to do it: Your lover sits on a chair or the edge of the bed, and you sit on their lap, facing them.

Why: You have control over the angle and depth of the entrance and thrust in this sex position. Seating gives support, making it ideal for lengthy sex sessions.

Increase the heat by letting your fingers (and hands) do the talking. To make things more intriguing, while seated, you may place your hands wherever on your or your partner’s body.

4. Doggy Style

How to perform it: Get on all fours, then have your partner kneel behind you, either straight up or somewhat draped over you (ya know, like a humping dog).

Why: This sex position facilitates deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.

Make it hotter: Use one hand to stimulate your clitoris, or ask your partner to do the fingerwork for you. “Temperature play can happen here, too!” says Donna Oriowo, PhD, owner and lead therapist at AnnodRight and a licensed sex therapist. “Grab an ice cube and slowly run it down your partner’s spine.”

5. Dip for Pretzels

Lie on your right side while your partner kneels, straddling your right leg and curling your left leg around your left side.

Why: This sex position allows for greater penetration of doggy style while still allowing for vital eye contact. Alternatively, if penetration isn’t your thing, your partner can easily grind against you, stimulating your clit.

To make it hotter, Oriowo suggests adding nipple clamps to the mix or grabbing an ice cube and having your spouse apply it on your nipples.

6. Flatiron

How to do it: Lie facedown on the bed with your legs straight and your hips slightly raised.

Why? Because this sex position provides a tight fit, your partner’s penis or strap-on will seem much bigger.

“This is a perfect time to nip or bite on your partner’s shoulders and the back of their neck to offer extra sensations,” Oriowo says.

7. G-Whiz

How to do it: Lie back with your legs resting on the shoulders of your partner.

Why: Because raising your legs narrows the vagina and helps target your G-spot, this sex position is fantastic.

Make it hotter by having your partner start rocking you from side to side or up and down. The penis or strap-on should now be in direct contact with your G-spot.

8. Cowgirl’s Assistant

You kneel on top, pushing off your partner’s chest and sliding up and down the thighs, similar to the classic Cowgirl sex position. However, your partner may assist you by bearing some of your weight and gripping your hips or thighs as they rise to meet each thrust.

Why? Because this sex position puts less strain on your legs, it makes climaxing easier. Plus, if you’re with a man, female-dominant sex positions postpone his climax, which benefits everyone.

Increase the temperature by alternating between shallow and deep thrusting to stimulate various areas of the vagina.

9. Wheelbarrow

Get on your hands and feet and have them hoist you up by your pelvis. Then, with your thighs, grasp their waist.

Why: In addition to providing a great arm workout, this male-dominant sex position allows for deeper penetration.

Increase the heat by resting your arms on a table or the side of the bed.

10. The LeapFrog

How to do it: This is a modified doggy pose. Get on your hands and knees, then rest your head and arms on the bed while keeping your hips raised.

Why: This sex position allows for deeper penetration and allows you to rest on a pillow.

Make it hotter by stimulating your clitoris with your hands.

11. The Magic Mountain

How to do it: Have your spouse sit with their knees bent and lean back on their wrists and forearms. You do the same, then go in closer until you make touch.

Why: Looking at each other will make you feel very connected. Grinding your clitoris against their pelvis will increase your pleasure.

Increase the temperature by sliding ice cubes down their chest and allowing the cold water to gather at the base of their pelvis.

12. Cowgirl

How to do it: Kneel on top of your spouse, pushing off their chest and sliding up and down their thighs. Lean back and support yourself on their thighs to relieve some of your weight from their pelvis.

Why: Being dominating in this sex position delays their climax while intensifying yours.

“Change the depth and pressure by bringing your chests closer together, a.k.a. lean in,” Oriowo says. “While you’re leaning forward, add in some nipple play and neck kisses.” Alternatively, she suggests grinding in directions that are slightly different from what you’re used to. Do you have a habit of going back and forth? Go side to side to channel your inner Ariana Grande.

13. Cowgirl in the reverse position

How to do it: Your spouse lays on their back, and you straddle them with your back to their feet.

Why: The beauty of reverse cowgirl is that it allows you to take charge and show your partner your preferred speed and rhythm.

Make it hotter: Put your knees and shins inside their legs and under their thighs to gain more leverage.

14. Cowboy

How to: Lie on your back with your partner straddling you. They then insert their penis, strap-on, or finger gently through the tight opening created by your semi-closed legs.

Why: Tightness improves the penetration’s intensity.

Increase the heat by having them fondle your breasts or gently hold down your wrists for some bondage activity. If you like BDSM, this is a fantastic chance for some mild choking, according to Oriowo. If not, your spouse may get a toy to use on your clit.

15. Ballet Performer

Standing on one foot, turn to face your partner and wrap your other leg around their waist as they support you.

Why: This sexual posture provides more face time and connection.

Make it hotter: If you’re particularly flexible, place the raised leg on the shoulder for deeper penetration or clitoral stimulation during the outercourse.

16. Missionary

Is it really necessary to spell this one out? Okay. Lie on your back with them on top of you, facedown.

Why: The missionary sex position is straightforward, elegant, efficient, and surprisingly adaptable. Sure, it’s vanilla, but it’s amazing.

Make it hotter: By changing the angle of your legs, you can drastically alter the sensation for both of you.

17. Cross-Booty

How it’s done: Your partner enters you from the missionary position, then slips their chest and legs off your body so their pelvis is in the same place as yours, but their limbs create a “X” with yours.

Why: This sex position allows you to feel more of your partner’s body in action.

Make it hotter: As they thrust, use this unique angle to massage their back, buttocks, or legs. They’ll go insane (as will you, watching them).

18. The Caboose’s

Back yourself into their lap and spoon each other while seated while they sit on the bed or a chair.

Why? Because you can’t see your partner while in this sex position, fantasizing is easier and can add to the excitement.

To make it hotter, tighten your pelvic floor muscles so you can grip them and keep them hard AF, or stimulate their clitoris.

19. Pick Me Up

How to do it: Lie on your sides, both facing the same direction. You raise your knees slightly as your spouse enters you from behind, sliding up behind your pelvis. (This is also known as spooning.)

Why? Because it allows for greater skin-to-skin contact, which increases your excitement.

Increase the strength and depth of the push by having your partner lay their hands on your shoulders.

20. Scoop in the other direction

How to do it: From the missionary position, turn together onto your sides, supporting your upper bodies with your arms.

Why: You receive the same full-body press and can look each other in the eyes.

Make it hotter by tying your legs together or fondling his lower legs.

21. The Golden Arch

How to do it: Your partner sits with their legs straight, and you sit on top of them with your knees bent on top of their thighs, leaning back.

Why: This position allows you to see each other’s entire bodies. You’ll also be able to control the thrusts’ depth, speed, and angle.

Make it hotter by rubbing your clitoris with your hand or your own. Lean back even more to get more G-spot stimulation.

22. The Shell of the Sea

How to do it: Lie back with your legs fully extended and your ankles crossed behind your head. They approach you from a missionary standpoint.

Why? Because your hands are free to work on your clitoris. Just as you should.

To increase the heat, have them “ride high,” pressing their pubic bone on your clitoris, or “ride low,” directly stimulating your G-spot with the head of the penis, the strap-on, a dildo, or a finger.

23. Churner for butter

Lie on your back with your legs elevated and folded over so your ankles are on each side of your head, while they crouch and dip their penis, strap-on, dildo, or finger in and out of your vagina.

Why: Aside from making eye contact, the increased blood flow to your brain will heighten your enjoyment.

Increase the heat by having them pour chocolate syrup or anything sweet into your lips (yes, really). It engages more of your senses, heightening the whole experience.

24. The President

How to do it: Your spouse sits on the bed’s edge, and you sit on top of them, facing away while leaning back.

Why? Because this sex position will strike the mark…as in, your G-spot. Meanwhile, you may stimulate their scrotum, perineum, or clitoris with your hands.

Increase the heat by bringing your knees closer to your chest and supporting your feet on the bed.

25. The Wizard of Pinball

How to accomplish it: Get into a half bridge posture (similar to a pinball machine), with your weight on your shoulders. Your lover approaches you while kneeling.

Why: It makes it easier for your spouse to stimulate your clitoris and rub your mon’s pubis.

Increase the heat by putting one leg up against their shoulder for deeper penetration.

26. Valedictorian

How to do it: From the missionary position, lift your legs and straighten them out (creating a “V”).

Why? Because it provides for better body contact with the vulva.

Try grasping your ankles to make it hotter. It might provide you stability and an extra stretch to improve pleasure.

27. Spork

How to do it: Lie on your back and elevate your right leg so your partner may enter you by positioning their body at a 90-degree angle between your legs. Your left leg might be straight out on the bed or bent to control the depth of entry. Lie on your stomach, bend one leg, and have your partner place themself between your legs for a rear-entry option. Options!

Why: You may raise your upper leg from the spork posture and support it by resting it on your partner’s shoulder. You may simply stimulate your clitoris with your fingers while they’re inside you from here.

Increase the temperature by synchronizing your breathing. One of you takes the lead, while the other follows, inhaling and exhaling simultaneously. The synchronized beat initiates an implicit intimate communication.

28. Wheelbarrow with a Seat

How to do it: Have your spouse sit at the edge of a bed or chair, and situate your buttocks in their lap, with your hands firmly planted on the floor. Pump your legs out behind their waist (it’ll probably work better if they support your thighs).

Why: This posture enables deep penetration while still working your arms.

Make it hotter: Squeeze your pelvic muscles rhythmically to assist you both attain a powerful climax.

29. Top of the table

You don’t have to do this on a table; any surface that touches your partner at crotch height would suffice. Allow them to enter you while sitting or laying on the edge of a table, counter, or even your bed.

Why: This posture is ideal for direct interaction. Furthermore, if you and your partner are significantly different in height, this is a terrific alternative since it puts you both at the same height.

To make it hotter, lower your knees and place your feet on their chest, in front of their shoulders. This gives you control over the pace and depth of your thrusts.

30. Champagne Bar

How to do it: Your spouse sits on top of you, looking away.

Why: It allows you to control the speed and intensity of your thrusts.

Make it hotter by doing it on the steps or the tub’s edge. It takes some talent…but hey, practice makes perfect, right?

31. The Om

How to do it: Sit cross-legged (yoga/pretzel-style) on your partner’s lap, facing them. Wrap your legs over each other and embrace for support.

Why is it best for tantric sex? When it comes to this incredibly personal position, rocking rather than pushing is the key.

Make it hotter: Lock your gazes into each other’s deep gazes to add an additional “oh” to the big O.

32. exemplary citizen

You straddle them, putting your legs around their torso (they keep their knees unlocked and thighs spread slightly). They support you in their arms as they stand. You may begin on the bed and have them lift you up without having to disengage. (Alternatively, for the very daring, you may board from a standing posture!)

Why: This is the position of every passionate romance film…in other words, it’s a must-see.

Make it hotter by slowly pushing you up against a wall.

33. The Venomous Spider

Sit on the bed with your legs facing each other and your arms behind you to support yourself. Now, they should move together and onto their penis or strap-on. Your hips will be between their wide legs, your knees bent, and your feet flat on the bed outside of their hips. Rock back and forth now.

Why? Because you can keep eye contact while watching the event from center stage.

Increase the heat by grabbing your partner’s hands and pulling yourself into a squatting stance as they lay back. Alternatively, they may stay sat erect and pull you into the Lazy Man posture against their chest.

34. The Ideal Ex

Sit on the bed with your legs forward, facing each other. Lift your partner’s right leg over your left and their left leg over yours. Gather so they can enter you. Now you’re both lying back, your legs creating an X. Thrusting is replaced by slow, unhurried gyrations.

Why: Prolonged sluggish sex that increases arousal. Shallow thrusts trigger the nerve endings in their penis head, assuming they have one.

Increase the heat by reaching out and holding hands to pull together for pelvic thrusting. Also, alternate sitting up and laying down without breaking the beat.

35. The Slacker

Put pillows behind your partner’s back and have them sit on the bed with their legs spread. (Do you have a sex pillow? Use it!) Now straddle their waist, feet on the bed. Lower yourself onto them by bending your knees and directing the penis or strap-on in with one hand. You may elevate and lower yourself onto the shaft as slowly or swiftly as you want by pushing on the balls of your feet and releasing them.

Why: This position puts you in command while yet allowing you plenty of closeness. Consider their penis or strap-on to be a masturbatory instrument, something with which to stroke and stimulate your clitoris.

Make it hotter: From here, you may either lay back into the Spider position or its more difficult version, the Good Ex.

36. Angel of Snow

How to do it: Lie on your back with your lover straddling you from behind, facing away. Lift your legs and wrap them over their back to raise your pelvis and allow them to enter you. Grab their buttocks to assist them in sliding up and back. Add some massaging motion to your grasp.

Why? Because you get a good look at their lovely butt. Furthermore, from this vantage point, you have easy access to their testicles or clitoris. Not to mention that their pelvis is precisely positioned to rub on your clitoral region.

Make it hotter by having them spin around in a missionary fashion while attempting to remain inserted. Then reverse your position, this time on top and looking away.

37. Lotus wrapped in cloth

How to do it: Sit cross-legged with your spouse and get onto their lap, facing them, with your legs wrapped over their back. Allow your spouse to enter and grind up against your pelvis.

Why: This role provides a lot of face-to-face time. Furthermore, there is lots of space for experimentation in this position, such as stimulating various erogenous zones on each other’s upper bodies, such as the head, neck, and face.

Increase the heat by having them suck your nipples and allow their hands to wander. And roam…and wander. (You get the picture.)

38. The serpent

How to do it: Lie on your stomach and have your lover lie on top of you, sliding in from behind.

Why: This position allows for super-deep penetration as well as a tight fit that may be quite satisfying for both you and your companion.

To make it hotter, reach back and wrap your hand around the shaft to help regulate how deep they go, or vary the angle of your butt.

39. A Woman Strides

How to do it: This is a variation of the cowgirl stance. Climb to the peak and let your companion penetrate you. Then, lean back and hold yourself with your hands on the bed, forming a 45-degree angle with your partner’s legs.

Why: This adjustment in angle allows you to target your G-spot while also giving you control over the pace and depth of your thrusts. Your companion also has easy access to your clitoris.

To make it hotter, use the “V stroke”: make a V with your index and ring fingers of one hand and put the fingers on each side of your clitoris with your penis in between. Make a swaying motion with your fingers.

40. Take a stand and deliver

How to do it: While standing, bend down at the waist; they enter from behind.

Why? Because bending over during this sex position tightens the vaginal walls and enhances the severity of the friction.

Make it hotter by having your spouse tickle your clitoris with his or her free hand, or by loosely tying your hands together with a silky scarf.

41. Coital Alignment Method

How to do it: Lie on your back and wrap your ankles over the calves of your partner. Then, flex them to draw your companion closer to you.

Why: This posture is intended to bring your partner’s penis or dildo closer to your clitoris for more enjoyment.

Make it hotter: Going slowly allows you and your partner to chat nasty, stare into each other’s eyes, and all that wonderful stuff.

42. Masturbation of each other

How to do it: Find a comfortable location across from or next to your spouse and take turns masturbating while the other watches or masturbate together.

Why: Though it isn’t exactly a position, reciprocal masturbation is one of the most personal activities since you’re showing your spouse what pleasure feels like when you’re alone.

Make it hotter: If you want to give your partner control, have them advise you on how to touch or edge yourself.

For your own enjoyment…

43. Lie on your stomach

Lie on your stomach with your hands placed between your legs. Grind your legs together and thrust your hips up and down so that your clitoris and pubic mound brush on your fingers.

Why? Because it provides simple but amazing enjoyment.

Make it hotter: It’s simple to include in most rear-entry postures, such as the Flatiron or the Leapfrog.

44. Bubble the Laughter

How to do it: With your body immersed and your legs hanging out of the tub, begin by giving yourself a rubdown on top before moving down to explore under the water.

Why: Relaxing in a warm, fragrant bath relieves tension, relieves stress, and undoubtedly puts you in a good mood.

Make it hotter: Use a waterproof vibrator to create waves, or use your detachable shower head (I suggest the “pulse” option). Continuous jets of water on the clitoris may be incredibly enjoyable.

45. Take a look and learn

Sit in a comfy chair with one leg supported up on the bed or sofa, holding a hand mirror. Now that you’ve had a chance to inspect the goods, wander away from your sensitive clitoris in search of fresh erogenous zones. With your fingertips, explore the entrance, inside, and back wall of your vagina, pushing and shifting pressure until you discover something that feels good.

Why: It may seem simple, yet it provides you with a fresh perspective. You could discover a new approach to “ring your bell,” which can help relieve the frustration that many women experience when they can only come in one position.

To make it really hotter, use your favorite sex toy or have your lover slide in from the Seashell or Butter Churner positions.

46. Perks in a Circle

How to do it: From a sitting posture, “draw” a circle around your clitoris with your finger. Begin softly and gradually increase pace and pressure based on your response.

Why is this a good masturbation maneuver for ladies who find direct clitoral pressure too powerful for extended stimulation?

Make it hotter: Are you sick of the “O” shape? To modify the experience, try drawing the letters of the alphabet on your clit.

47. Grind on the Couch

How to do it: Fold a thick towel or blanket over the arm of a filled chair or sofa, or the edge of a table or desk. Begin with a slight hip movement and gradually develop momentum.

Why: Excellent if you want consistent, firm stimulation on your clitoris.

Increase the heat: Feeling a touch too American Pie? Grip the arm with your thighs and have your boyfriend come up behind you. Just be careful not to break anything.

48. Get to the G-Spot as soon as possible.

Lay on your back and draw your knees in toward your chest. Deeply insert one or two fingers inside your vagina. As you pull your finger back, push it towards the front of your vagina and urethra and curl it in a beckoning manner.

Why: It’s typical to have a minor want to urinate with this action at first, but with practice and numerous sessions, you may anticipate having a warm, enjoyable sensation.

To intensify the experience, do it with just one leg bowed to your chest and the other extended.

49. Tap Dancing

Lay on one side with one leg outstretched and the other bent. Gently split and hold your labia to the sides with one hand, and administer a little amount of lubrication to your exposed clitoris. Then, with the opposite hand, begin gently tapping on it.

Why: For individuals who find direct contact too powerful, tapping instead of stroking may provide swift and intense feelings.

Heat it up: Tapping harder or quicker can provide distinct feelings. See how long you can endure, or invite your partner to join in the fun.

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