Some Wellness Tips for International Students in London

Some Wellness Tips for International Students in London

London is a city that does not disappoint anyone. A large number of people from across the globe come to London for various purposes. It is one of the top global cities and financial hubs in the world, so it is an ideal place for job seekers. Many people visit here to build their careers.

Another thing for which this city is widely popular is higher education. Many international students from around the world visit London to get higher education. This trend is not new. Interestingly, we read the names of some celebrities from various countries who visited London a century ago to complete their education. Not only celebrities, but many other students also used to visit London for higher education one century ago.

In the 21st century, this trend has increased a lot due to the advent of the internet. Today, applying for admission and student accommodation London has become very easy through online options. You can complete a big part of the procedure of admission from your home through the internet. Furthermore, you can accomplish the entire process of booking accommodation in London via the internet. You are just required to shift to your accommodation after reaching London.

After you start living in London, you need to take care of many things. One of the aspects you need to look after is wellness. This is the aspect, which requires attention no matter which part of the world you are living in. When you start living in London or any other overseas city, one of the things you face is the changed weather condition. It makes it more important for you to give attention to your wellness.

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Here are some tips that you need to follow for your wellness while living in London.

Make a Time Table for Your Daily Routine

If you do everything at a fixed time then it is good for your physical and mental wellness. If you do workouts and go to sleep at fixed timings then you can get the best results and can maintain good health. Moreover, if you study regularly at a fixed time then you become able to complete your course at the right time. It helps you in performing well in your studies.

Besides, when you work on everything as per a schedule, you get time for completing every task. You can also get enough time for fun, entertainment, meeting friends, etc.

Make a Workout Routine

Workout is very important for everyone. It keeps you fit & active, keeps your body in shape, and strengthens your immune system. This is why you should make a workout routine for your wellness.

You can do different types of exercises. You can do pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, PT exercises, etc. in your room or an open space. Besides, many student accommodation properties in London have in-house gyms. So, you can do advanced exercises in the gym of your accommodation complex.

You can do some more types of exercises, about which you will read in the next section.

Do Yoga, Breathing Exercises, and Aerobics

Yogic postures and breathing exercises are perfect for physical and mental health. So, they can also be done by you for your wellness. Many yogic postures can be done after some training. Therefore, if you don’t have such training, you can join a nearby training center. If you are already trained then you can do them in your accommodation complex.

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There are some breathing exercises, in which you need training whereas there are some others that you can do on your own. Some of the popular breathing exercises include throwing breath outside your body through your nose repeatedly, alternative breathing in which you need to inhale breath from one nostril while clothing the other and exhale from the other nostril, deep breathing, holding the breath inside or outside the body for a few seconds, and more. Some of the breathing exercises are also part of yoga.

You may find a special Yoga Room in your accommodation complex where you can perform yogic postures and breathing exercises. If you don’t find it, you can do them in your room or an open space in your complex. You can also do them in the training center if you join it.

Similarly, aerobics can also be a perfect workout for which you also need training. You can do it in your room, an open space, or the training center.

Play Sports

Playing sports is also good for the physical and mental health of students. You can get sports courts and playgrounds in the universities, colleges, and some student accommodation complexes in London.


You can also perform some more activities such as running, swimming, meditation, etc., which are good for your physical and mental wellness.