Glasses or Lenses: A Pros and Cons Analysis

Glasses or Lenses: A Pros and Cons Analysis

The debate about whether to use glasses or lenses is not a new one.  When starting out with corrective paraphernalia, making this decision can be hard.

Whereas a lot of people opt for a hybrid model whereby they use both, glasses, and lenses, however, the choice is entirely subjective in nature.

There are various drawbacks of each, and various benefits as well. You then get to decide what is important for your context, before making a choice.

Your choice may also then vary as the time of the day, occasion and even the weather. For example, during spring, those prone to allergies that make their eyes water cannot survive on contact lenses. You can consult expert Eye Specialists in Doctors Hospital if you have any trouble regarding your glasses or contact lenses.

To help you decide which is better for you, here is a comprehensive pros and cons guide for each.



Get lost and break

Anyone who has scrambled and struggled to find the perfect pair of glasses can relate to this problem, and genuine it is. Glasses are also very easy to break.


Handling glasses is not always easy. They become fogged, using them in rain is hard, they also are not mask friendly, and cannot be worn during exercise and sports.



Glasses tend to be, generally, cheaper than glasses. But a lot hinges on your taste, choice and brand, in which case, some glasses can be really expensive as well.


If you are one of the people who can pull off glasses like a boss, then they become a great accessory. You get to experiment with them and make your own style statement.

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Glasses are extremely convenient as well. Whereas many people get the hang of wearing lenses, there is obviously a learning curve to it.

Lack of limitation

Anyone can don of a pair of glasses without any limitations.


As glasses form a sort of shield, they also then help in protecting the eyes from injury as well.


Poking around in the eyes can be rather daunting. Moreover, if your hands or lenses are not clean enough, then you risk your eyes becoming infected.

Contact lenses



Keeping the contact lenses clean can be a challenge. If the container is not closed properly, the lenses can dry out. Moreover, if the solution is not changed or is not perfect, then protein deposits can form on the surface of the lenses as well.

Easy to lose and break

It is rather easy to lose and break lenses.

Putting on is hard

Putting on lenses can be hard for some people.

Used to

For some people, getting used to lenses can be a challenge.

Limited life

The life of lenses is limited, so they need to be changed frequently.


Good during physical activities

Imagine trying to run but only to have your glasses become crooked. It can be very irritating, naturally. Hence, if you are going to be very active, or are playing sports of some sort, then it is better that you go for contact lenses.

Eye makeup

For people fan of eye makeup, it can be challenging to do with the thick glasses getting in the way. Contact lenses do not have this problem. Moreover, you can also get tinted lenses to change your eye color and have more fun with changing your looks.

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Weather friendly

Your contact lenses will not get condensation when you step out from the cold room into a hot one or get hard to look through if it is raining. If that is relevant to you, then lenses are a better choice for you.


Lenses offer solutions for a wider range of eye problems, and more effectively. You can then discuss your options for lenses with your Eye specialist in Islamabad.