Selection of Real Estate in Northern Cyprus with Prime Pro Investment

Selection of Real Estate in Northern Cyprus with Prime Pro Investment

 A separate republic in the Mediterranean – Northern Cyprus! Just imagine – you wake up in a chic Mediterranean resort, where everything is perfect – from the golden beaches, clean sea and cuisine – to cultural and historical monuments. Many people underestimate Northern Cyprus, but they are very wrong! Every minute there is construction going on – the number of new houses continues to grow.

Most of the new modern complexes are characterized by landscaped lawns and have a diverse infrastructure (pools, playgrounds, recreation area) for the internal use of the owners. We offer to evaluate all the advantages of buying property in Northern Cyprus!

Foreign property is an excellent long-term investment for diversification of risks. It is not surprising that foreign markets are experiencing increased interest from foreigners: inflation eats away at money, and real estate remains an excellent protection for capital.

Apartments in Northern Cyprus are one of the best options to keep your capital and pass it on to your heirs. Cypriot residential properties today are quite cheap compared to other EU countries, and the prospects for a rise in prices are very bright – could be around 40% per year.

How to choose property in Northern Cyprus?

Before choosing an apartment, investors should consider that:

  • not every object in the country is highly profitable and promising;
  • there are long interest-free installments;
  • Prime Pro Investment company specializes in real estate transactions in Northern Cyprus and will help you buy really profitable properties.

All owners of property in Northern Cyprus are eligible to obtain a residence permit, which can be renewed annually

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Prime Pro Investment – reliable companion and support

The specialists of our company have the necessary knowledge regarding real estate in Northern Cyprus and are able to select the best offers on the local market. Apartments, villas, mansions, premium apartments – there is a solution for every client.

Based on your needs and budget, Prime Pro Investment experts will select several properties in specific areas and regions, after which they will organize a remote or personal tour for review. In certain cases, the sale of apartments in Northern Cyprus does involve installments from the developer in the primary housing market. More information can be obtained at an individual consultation – textCopy HTML