Three Top Tips for Fashion Video Production

Three Top Tips for Fashion Video Production

Fashion is one of the most booming and competitive markets. Multiple things surface in the marketplace every other day. In the past few years, there have been a lot of changes—be it the attire, dress up, lighting system, use of gadgets, and everything else that comes under the umbrella of fashion video production. The fashion industry has always been stylish, experimental, and moody. Video shoots and productions have been an important part of this industry. Not only the models or the sponsors, but even the viewers love to watch a good fashion video. It helps them understand the attire and what’s in trend. 

Two main aspects highly affect your final video – the first is the actual shoot, and the second is the editing. There are other factors too, but an excellent fashion video will be on your cards if you do both of these rights. You might need to have several types of equipment, better lighting, and a great background; however, a video editor with loads of features will be enough for the second round. 

Here we have three top tips that will significantly help you with your fashion video production:

  1. Use Natural Light

Yes, we have a lot of ambient lights and equipment to create an environment we want for a shoot, but natural lights will always do wonders. There may be setbacks that the photographers have to face even when they are dealing with the sun, but that’s one challenge they have to surpass. A lot of actors and professional photographers do prefer artificial lighting because they are comparatively softer, but here is why using natural light can turn the tables in your favor:

  • First thing, try not to shoot during midday or harsh day hours. The sun brings in harsh shadows, which can be a problem for your fashion video production plan.
  • The best time to go for a video shoot is during sunrise or sunset. These are the hours when you get perfect lighting naturally. The rays are softer, and they enlighten your videos and photos to the maximum extent. Therefore these are known to be the golden hours for photography and videography.
  • If you are doing a summer shoot, sunsets and sunrise bring additional warmth and a shade of orange to make your videos look better. You can pair the model with sunglasses, a hat, and a gorgeous summer dress. 
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With this simple step, you will see many changes in your video. And this will naturally elevate the video quality, and when you edit it, things will be easier for you. 

  1. Use Movements For Better Videos

If you have been producing videos for some time now, you would have already known the fundamentals of videography. Apart from natural assistance, using movements can make your videos better. And it will also help afterward during video editing. Using movements may be a far-fetched idea if you are unaware of it. 

Here are a few things that can help you with the integration of movements in your videos:

  • Using a backdrop behind the model, stagnant videography and flat shoots are not original ideas, and they do not bring out the charm. New age shooters have been testing new ways to create better videos. And one of the best things they can understand is to use the camera movement. 
  • A good way to create an effective and produce better videos is to use the slide. It creates a steady and smooth movement of the camera, giving you a video that is out of the ordinary. The use of good quality equipment is also important.
  • Try to make a settling video for the viewer to help them enjoy their time viewing the video. The more engaging video you create, the better it becomes for the viewers to connect with it.

You can look for professional videos if using movements is a new concept because that will help you understand movements better.

  1. Addition Of Highlights
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We do not mean the highlights of the video shoot. It simply means the video’s narration, caption, or music to support it. You might have seen a lot of different fashion video productions where this is one integral part of all the options. 

  • Firstly, let’s talk about the captions. We get to see this text on the screen when dialogue is spoken. If you are shooting a video, you have to explain things to the audience. It can be the fashion, styling options, accessories you can pair it with or anything similar- you can use captions. It will help you grab more audience.
  • Try to add music that syncs with the theme of the video. It can be a simple acoustic tune or a song with lyrics. Many actors also prefer getting highlights in their videos to make them engaging. 
  • You can add narration too. People might find it absurd at the beginning, but when you sit for editing, narrations will help. Simply choose a crisp and simple dialogue that people can digest and understand properly. While the narration is important, one has to care for the sound quality and clarity. Every bit of your highlights will act as an improvisation to the video and give a chance to grab more attention. 


These are three important tips to help make your fashion video production a big hit. It elevates your video’s viewer experience, but it also gives a different touch to it. Many videographers have started adding newer elements to their videos, and it has worked wonderfully. As you plan on making your next video, try incorporating these three tips. It will be unusual, but it will be guaranteed fun.