Tips To Increase Your Video Engagement On TikTok

Tips To Increase Your Video Engagement On TikTok

Since TikTok usage is on the rise, particularly among millennials, marketers around the globe are scrambling to figure out how to capitalize. While TikTok has certain similarities with specific other social media platforms, most notably the Instagram Reels function, it has a lot of layers to master, making it difficult to get started. TikTok is mostly about creating and sharing exciting videos. TikTok’s brief, humorous, shocking, uplifting, charming, and creative videos provide an engaging user experience that keeps users on the medium for hours. Videos of various kinds are scrolled, laughed at, liked, and interacted with.

Marketing executives are more used to fighting it out on Facebook and Instagram for a few meager likes or spending their overall budget on sponsored advertising drool at this tremendous level of interaction. So, how can you increase TikTok engagement so that the videos will have a more significant influence on the brand? Learn and know more about how can you buy real TikTok likes? It will build your content reach globally. Here are a few easy-to-follow suggestions to get you started.

1. TikTok Competitions

Social media contests are the ideal complement to TikTok videos’ addictive nature. You have the built-in incentive of entering and receiving a contest that draws people in the first place and the addictiveness of short amusing clips. TikTok contests are established and managed by a business, contrasting TikTok challenges “possessed” by the audience. They own a reward for the contest winner, a begin and finish date, gather entries on a homepage, and demand players to make campaign-specific videos.

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If you’re hosting a TikTok contest, ensure it follows best-practice guidelines. For example, check TikTok’s Community Guidelines, do not violate copyrights by allowing entries containing audio, trademarks, or other elements, post official contest regulations on all promotional videos, and adhere to local restrictions.

2. Thumbnails For Videos

Including video thumbnails in any TikTok videos organizes the content, making it easier for visitors to reach out to the posts they’re looking for. These images also capture a viewer’s attention and, in many circumstances, persuade them to watch a video they otherwise would not have seen. What do you mean by video thumbnails, and how do you use them? Whenever you post a clip on TikTok, you can include a thumbnail (cover image) that viewers will see both before the video starts and when they visit your user profile. While posting content, do not even forget to include a video thumbnail; this will assist people in navigating your video and retain visitors to your account for longer.

3. Trends On TikTok

You may uncover current hashtags, contests, challenges, and post genres that will enhance your engagement levels by watching TikTok’s Discover tab and monitoring other successful profiles. With TikTok, you can’t afford to be bored; trends and strategies are constantly changing. So it’s only a matter of time before the next popular dance challenge, visual effect, or current catchphrase goes viral. So here are a few instances of TikTok trends which marketers have used to reach out to a broader audience:

  • Effects: For example, the 3D Picture Effect. Make a small video montage by converting a snapshot into a 3D image. Then include the hashtag in your post.
  • Challenges: The Vogue Challenge, for example. Make a Vogue cover picture of yourself, your crew, or maybe one of your goods, and then utilize the tag to draw attention to your work.
  • Phrases: ‘I’ll Never Forgive You,’ for example. Somebody (or something) who has had a significant impact on your life should be mentioned, just like your first client, founder, the first item, or advisor. To attract more individuals interested in your content, use the hashtag.
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4. Video Games

On online media right now, digital games are all the craze, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. The idea is simple: games require more mental capacity to absorb than a typical post, resulting in visitors viewing your material for more extended periods. The longer someone thinks over your clip, the more likely they will recall your business the next time they want to buy anything. Alternatively, you can compare items. A basic game related to a core principle or definite opinion will generate a lot of engagement.

5. Instructional Videos

It may seem impossible to educate anything in the form of a short clip, and it is possible with a bit of imagination. On TikTok, how-to videos generate a lot of interest. People enjoy gaining new knowledge. How-to videos captivate and retain viewers’ attention if you’re leading a dance, guiding your audiences on a fitness technique, or pulling together a food clip. Individuals might look at the video several times to master the skills you’re presenting. Like everything else on TikTok, the how-to videos ought to be essential, easy to comprehend and address a broad theme so that a large number of people are interested.


The most important take-home message is that TikTok is layered and multifaceted. While the idea is straightforward – uploading short videos – the possibilities are nearly limitless. Knowing what your audience is searching for on the medium is key to increasing your interaction with them. Check out a few of the tips in this article, but experiment with and improve on other concepts to see what performs. You can also hit on PayMeToo to find ways to build engagement and start reaping the benefits. Best of luck!

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