Discover Wadeema Law: Protecting Children’s Rights in the UAE

Discover Wadeema Law: Protecting Children’s Rights in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), family laws are comprehensive, extending to the protection of children’s rights within the legal framework. One significant legislation in this regard is the Wadeema Law, aimed at safeguarding the rights of children, including their living conditions, education, and access to equal facilities.

Named after a young Emirati girl, Wadeema, who tragically lost her life due to abuse and neglect by her father and his partner, this law serves as a crucial milestone in UAE’s commitment to child protection. Wadeema’s death shocked the nation, leading to the implementation of a new child protection law.

Wadeema Law acts as a protective shield for children who may feel unsafe or are subjected to physical or emotional abuse in their surroundings. Smoking is strictly prohibited in places where children are present, and there are severe penalties for violating the terms of the child protection law.

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While family life in Sharjah may be ideal for some, there are instances of children facing domestic violence in their homes. Under the child protection laws in the UAE, childcare professionals are empowered to remove children from threatening environments without parental or court approval, placing them in welfare associations and rehabilitation centers.

Applicable to children under the age of 18, the Wadeema Law is enforced in every household, irrespective of nationality. Expatriates and UAE citizens alike are required to respect and abide by this law, which imposes strict penalties, including a minimum of ten years’ imprisonment for those found guilty of child abuse or creating harmful environments for children.

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The law encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, ensuring their fundamental and social rights are protected. Children are granted the right to express their opinions without coercion, and employment below the age of 15 is prohibited. For those aged 15 and above, employment must offer safe working conditions.

The implementation of the Wadeema Law marks a significant step towards protecting children’s rights in the UAE. However, there is room for improvement in the investigation process for reporting child abuse cases and ensuring the law is applied effectively. Collaboration with individuals who interact with children daily, such as teachers, doctors, and relatives, could enhance the reporting and investigation of child abuse cases.

The UAE’s legal system is committed to protecting children and providing them with safe environments to study and live. Parents are educated about the new child protection law, emphasizing the importance of creating a comfortable environment for minors. The positive reception of the law in the UAE suggests a reduction in household violence, highlighting its effectiveness in safeguarding children’s rights.

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