Ways to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleep

Ways to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleep

Did you know your bedroom has a significant effect on the quality of your sleep? From light to temperature, sleep researchers and studies have found that our environment has a drastic and quantifiable impact on sleep.

Healthy sleep is essential for your body and mind to recharge, leaving you alert and refreshed when you wake up. Sound sleep also helps the body remain healthy, improves mood, lessens the risk for stress and health concerns, enhances brain function, and boosts metabolism. It also helps us stay optimistic and make better decisions.

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Whether you’re seeking to overcome sleep issues or want to give yourself the best environment for rest, optimising the bedroom can help you dream better. We have put together a few top ways to enhance your space for sleep. Keep reading to learn how environmental changes could have the biggest impact on sleep and rest.

Top Ways to Make Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

#1- Keep it Cool

Have you been feeling too sweaty or torrid to sleep? No, it’s not all in your head! Research has shown warmer temperatures affect the quality of sleep. Consensus goes that the optimum temperature range for sleep is between 50 to 75 Fahrenheit.

People who don’t prefer leaving the air conditioner on blast all night can go greener by installing eco-friendly electric fans or opening windows when the temperature is cooler. Light-weight bedding and cooling mattress can also help.

You can try different thermostat settings to see what feels most comfortable. If your partner shivers while you feel like a furnace, it might be helpful to use different comforters to ensure optimal rest for both.

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#2- Darkness: Your Closest Friend

According to research, exposure to artificial light produces cortisol and delays melatonin release, affecting your sleep-wake cycle. It also keeps your body’s temperature raised, leading to wakefulness. Therefore, darkness is crucial for deep, restorative sleep and a regulated sleep clock. Turn off all electronic devices and lights in your room before going to bed.

Use a motion-activated light to light the way when needed without disturbing the rest of your loved ones if you have trouble finding your way to the bathroom at night. If you sleep past sunrise and your windows let light in, it might also be worthwhile to invest in top-quality cotton curtains to keep your bedroom dark while providing insulating benefits.

White cotton bedding with white pillowcases

#3- The Right Bedding Goes a Long Way

Certain fabrics are more suitable options for bedding, as they have ‘moisture-wicking’ properties, so they absorb excess moisture to keep the person more comfortable. Try to get top-quality silk, linen, or organic cotton bedding rather than synthetic satin or polyester counterparts that trap moisture and make the person feel warmer. Pair your luxury bed sheetswith organic duvet covers to enjoy extra cosy comfort. 

Make sure your mattress is comfortable. According to the Better Sleep Council, mattresses must be replaced every five to seven years, especially if they’re no longer comfortable. When mattresses start causing painful pressure points or showing deep impressions, they might be past their prime. A study found that simply swapping out worn-out mattresses reduced back pains and improved stress for participants.

#4- Eliminate Clutter

A cluttered or disorganised space can distract you from drifting off or feeling relaxed. Spend a few minutes every day to declutter and ensure things are in their right place. Try to keep school or office work, bills, and other papers confined to a study or office space so that they’re out of sight. Keep trash in trashcans, dishes in the kitchen, and clothes and shoes out of the way in a closer hamper. Cute baskets and nightstand drawers can hold odds and ends, keeping your essentials within reach while still ensuring the space remains spic and span! For larger items, a shelf or a dresser with cubbies can prove useful for keeping things neat and out of your way.

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Decluttered room with luxury duvet covers

#5- Keep Pillows Fresh

Pillows are extremely crucial for comfort. While memory foam, buckwheat, down, and latex pillows last longer with good care, they must generally be replaced more frequently than your mattresses. If your pillow is too thick or too flat, it might no longer provide adequate cushioning. This can contribute to back pain, neck pain, and pressure points. If you think your mattress isn’t the problem because it’s still in decent shape, your pillow might be the culprit causing neck pain. 

Top Tip: According to Web MD, side sleepers should look for firmer pillows that support a natural distance between the shoulder and the ear, whereas back sleepers should opt for a thinner pillow with neck support in the lower third. Meanwhile, stomach sleepers should choose a very thin pillow and sleep without one.

Hygiene is another important factor that affects comfort and, ultimately, sleep. Ensure your pillow covers are washed and changed regularly to reduce allergens and bacteria that could be the reason you feel itchy and restless throughout the night.

While we all have distinct preferences and tolerances, the goal is to listen to your body and note what feels most comfortable for you. Resting is a priority to remain healthier and happier in these stressful times, and to achieve that, you need a bedroom that seamlessly caters to restful sleep.

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