2020 Most Popular Simple and popular wedding decoration ideas.

2020 Most Popular Simple and popular wedding decoration ideas.

A wedding is more than a simple gathering. It is an event that requires months of planning and a vision that must become a reality. No matter the size of the wedding, details in decoration will make it unforgettable. If you plan an intimate wedding, or if the budget is tight, you can still find ways to impress the guests. Here are some of the top trends that will make a wedding unique and memorable.


It is all about leaving the bride and groom mark on the little and big things. Creative seating chart walls serve as decoration and make it fun for the guests to find their table number. Incorporate handwritten signs for the ceremony or reception. You can incorporate calligraphy to your menus and place cards. Decoration can also reflect the traditions and culture of a couple, include them in your color palette, on a wall with family pictures, or even make it the wedding theme.


A great way to create a specific atmosphere is by adding lighting to the venue. Chandeliers are a statement piece that works perfectly in high ceiling spaces. Bistro lights are popular for rustic, bohemian weddings both outdoor and indoor. Perimeter spotlights can create a specific tone. From a warm golden to a colorful purple, they bring together the venue and decoration. String lights are ideal for an outdoor wedding. At night, they look like thousands of stars; it is also a great way to decorate a tent’s ceiling. And finally, the classic touch candles bring to a wedding cannot be forgotten, from thick statement block to elegant taper candles, they will add a hint of romanticism to your event.

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Table and chairs decoration

Simple tables and chairs for wedding are often included with the rent of a venue. Even if they look too plain, you can embellish them with simple details. If you do not like the appearance of the tables, tablecloths, and table runners can change the whole look, and combined with a beautiful centerpiece, cloth napkin, and place setting, it will look perfect. Chairs can become part of the decoration. Folding chairs are commonly included when you rent a space. For a ceremony, you can add ribbon in a color that matches the rest of the decoration. A small mason jar attached with ribbon to the edge of the chair will create a romantic path. Fabrics like chiffon and organza can be placed on the back of the chairs. For the reception, a floral or greenery wreath will make your chairs stand out. You can mix and match, some chairs with fabric, some with foliage and some plain. For the bride and groom chairs, monograms are a way to make them unique.

Photo Backdrop

Create a space for guests to take pictures at the event. Some options are floral or greenery walls, a solid color wall with a neon sign, you can also add seating items like folding chairs, a loveseat or bench. You can get creative with a personalized sign with your initials or your favorite quote. Make sure the space provides excellent illumination for the pictures.

Sustainable weddings

Couples choose to have meaningful weddings that do not imply spending all their savings and do not harm the environment. Bohemian, minimalistic, and rustic themes can easily adapt to this current. Avoid single-use plastic items by renting cloth napkins, tablecloths, glassware, and tableware. Prefer local vendors with a sustainable view. You can find catering vendors that donate the remaining food to a food bank. Florists that use locally grown foliage and flowers or event better plants instead of cut flowers. Select wood whenever possible instead of plastic. Wood foldable chairs and wood tables will help you create a rustic theme. If you decide to give your guests favors, try to think of an edible or useful item that will not end up in the trash. Wedding attire can also form part of the sustainable movement. You can go with a local designer who utilizes organic fabrics or give a second life to a friend or family member wedding dress. Wedding dresses can be expensive, and they are only worn for a couple of hours.

Ceiling decoration

Sometimes it is hard to fill the space when working with a big venue or high ceilings. Ceiling decoration is an ideal way to have your guests look up. If you have a romantic or a classic reception, chandeliers, floral pieces, and even hanging ribbons and stems will complete your vision. Hanging paper lanterns in multiple colors and sizes will surprise everyone. If you prefer a lighter decoration on the tables, focus on hanging centerpieces or add fabric, a draped ceiling provides a warm and romantic feel. Complement your ceiling decoration with string lights and create a fairy tale wedding.

Add color

If you are not into a classic white and green color palette, you can add hints of color to your decoration. Colored glassware can make a big difference for your table setting. A patterned table runner or some pillows in the lounge area can create a significant visual effect, and you can reuse them in your new home. If you are planning a bohemian wedding, tapestries are a fun way to incorporate patterns and colors. Flowers are a natural way to add color to your reception and ceremony. They can be placed in many places of your venue, from the tables to the ceiling, add some of them at the entrance in big containers, or create a statement entrance filled with colorful blooms.

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Decoration at weddings is crucial. It is an expression of the couple’s personality and traditions. It is the best way to transmit to the guests who the couple is. With these options, you can create a dreamed wedding, stay on budget, and surprise everyone. A wedding is the ultimate celebration of love. It represents the union between two individuals and their families. It must be a day that stays on everyone’s memory for years to come.