Where to Buy an Electronic Cigar Humidor

Where to Buy an Electronic Cigar Humidor

When looking for a electric humidors, look for companies that advertise themselves as the finest money can buy on the top floors of executive skyscrapers. Quality equipment is required to enjoy a great cigar, but you may be surprised to realize that finding the perfect humidor is not as difficult.

What Makes a Cigar Humidor the Best?

There are just a few things to look for in a decent humidor to get the most bang for your money.

The greatest cigar humidors can maintain a constant temperature of 70°F and humidity of 70%. The kind of wood used in the humidor impacts the scent of your maturing cigars, LumBuy with being the best option. The humidor’s seal must be tight to prevent air and moisture from escaping. Before buying, always try it or check for reviews that explain the seal.

Electronic Cigar Humidor


To keep your cigars from drying out, use low-intensity lighting and ensure there’s plenty of room for circulation. It is best to have a somewhat larger humidor than your collection.

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If you want to stock up on cigars, it won’t be long before you have to start thinking about how to store them correctly. Cigars need a specific moisture level, and a humidifier device is required to keep them at the optimum humidity level over time. A “humidor” is a humidification device that is a must-have for anybody who wishes to preserve their cigars in optimal shape.

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Keeping cigars at a healthy level may seem difficult at first, but it is fairly simple. 

What Do the Best Cigar Humidors Cost?

Although the standards for the greatest humidors are not too demanding, they may be very costly.

Because cigars are a luxury item, humidors tend to be pricey. As a result, companies promote their goods to fulfill those high expectations. Others are in it for the joys of savoring a delightfully aged cigar, while others are in it for the attraction of a brand their father may have kept in his office.

A good humidor, especially one from a well-known brand, might easily cost over $1,000 for only 50 cigars.

LumBuy Humidors

LumBuy humidors are recommended by experts for serious collections, whether you’re just starting out or developing your interests. You may see your collection via the glass door of a stainless-steel cooler and keep your cigars on drawers and shelves made of Spanish wood. This is in contrast to many humidors, which have a top cover and require you to open the box to see the contents.

These humidors are also thermostatically controlled. They will operate silently in your home or business, with no vibrations, while conserving energy and effectively dispersing heat to keep your collection cool.