Who is Leigh Lambert?

Who is Leigh Lambert?

Leigh Lambert was born and raised in Upon-Tyne, Newcastle, where he launched his knack for artwork. Leigh started drawing at a tender age, just as soon as he learned how to hold a pencil. His family and teachers also noticed his artistic talent, especially his attention to detail and the ability to deliver powerful messages through his paintings.

In 1996, Leigh’s family moved to Warwickshire, and the young artist took the opportunity to focus on developing his technique. He also got a new environment in Warwickshire, which was the countryside, as opposed to his previous industrial home. Leigh fully appreciated his new home and used the surroundings as inspiration for his talent in the arts.

Leigh’s Early Life

From as early as five years old, Leigh Lambert had developed a keen eye for detail while enjoying drawing everything he could see. The country living, especially with combined harvesters and large tractors that were a common sight, inspired his artistry talent.

After leaving school at the age of 18, Leigh devoted his life to the world of art and painting, which he did to earn a living. He shunned the possibility of looking for another job and immersed himself in art. At some point, his mother, Susan, found a job for him in a local factory, but Leigh continued to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist.


The work at the factory took his time, but every day in the evening, he sharpened his skills in the artwork. He released several watercolour paintings depicting Warwick scenes. He did all his images with attention to detail which became an important component of his signature style.

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After working in the factory for some time, Leigh Lambert moved to an art supply shop in Warwick, where he discovered a whole new world of art materials and several mediums, which further ticked all the boxes in his inspiration checklist.

Family Life

Leigh sees his family as the driving force behind his successful career. In some of his favourite pieces, he has included glimpses of his family featured within them. For example, he has included a blonde-haired child in a red jumper or “Steve woz ere,” which represents his father, Steven.

Besides, Leigh has featured his mother, Susie or Susan, as a girl in a pink jumper. She’s featured alongside Leigh’s grandparents at Harry’s Plaice chip shop or H. Lambert’s sweet shop.

Over the last ten years, Leigh Lambert has become a household name with collectors across the UK and internationally. Leigh works from his art studio, named Stratford Upon Avon, where he continues to capture everyday scenes, each displaying a distinct injection of nostalgia and humour.

Final Words

Leigh Lambert is among the most popular artists in the UK and across the world. Leigh is a versatile artist who works with watercolours and oil paints. He has cultivated a unique style of artistic presentation, which has allowed his work to feature in various galleries in Central and Northern England. Leigh has also executed artworks for private collections in several countries abroad.