Why A Leased Line Is Important For Your Business

Why A Leased Line Is Important For Your Business

At present, there are a number of connectivity solutions present for your business. That is why it becomes challenging to choose the best option that can provide a seamless internet connection. One most popular connectivity solutions among companies is dedicated leased line connections. It is an uncontended connection; it means you do not need to share it with other local businesses. However, if your business is internet critical and you have to deal with large uploads and downloads, it is worth considering a dedicated internet line.

Here we are describing how a leased line connection can be useful for your business and what benefits it can really provide.

Symmetrical And Consistent Speed

To run your business correctly and provide high-quality customer services, one most important thing that you need is consistent and fast internet speed even at peak usage hours. A dedicated internet line is a wholly reserved connection for your business, which means there is no competition while using the internet. Furthermore, a business leased line offers you a symmetrical speed that means the same upload and download speed. When you use the internet at home, you may not need fast upload speed, but in your workplace, when you have to share large files, you will need a high speed. A dedicated internet connection provides you with the speed to transfer large files in no time.


A significant benefit of a dedicated internet line is that it can efficiently cope with different types of traffic. It is easy for a dedicated internet connection to handle internet traffic like web pages and emails, but it is not impressive. Leased line versatility means that it can deal with WAN traffic, HD video streaming and hosted telephony calls. It means that you can have everything you need to run your business efficiently with a dedicated internet line connection.

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Service Level Agreement

When you choose a dedicated internet connection for your business, you can benefit from service level agreements. SLAs give you a guarantee that if your connection goes down, it will be fixed within a short amount of time. Leased line providers monitor your connection constantly so that it can be resolved efficiently and timely if any significant fault occurs. Usually, the issue is fixed within one working day. It means a dedicated connection ensures 100% availability, and your business will never go offline. In some cases, your business leased line provider fixes your problem before it affects you.


In the beginning, the cost of leased line connection was a significant deciding factor for small and medium businesses. But now, it is falling to a point where installation cost is not a substantial barrier for SMEs and startups. However, you must keep in mind that the cost of a leased line is higher than the traditional broadband connection. The benefits that a dedicated connection offers are enough to outweigh the cost. You may get a broadband connection at a lower cost, but this connection may not provide you with the benefits that you need to stand out from the competition. Therefore, you need to look at a leased line as a long term investment for the success and future of your business.

From the above-mentioned benefits, you can understand that selecting a leased line connection for your business is worth your investment. It can help you in increasing the productivity of your business, and you can communicate in a better way and provide the best customer experience.