5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Stock Loan Solutions LLC as stock loan lender

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Stock Loan Solutions LLC as stock loan lender

There are many websites online that act as a source for giving stock loans product through securities lending, so it is hard to tell which one is legit.

There are practically two million websites offering securities lending products online, and most of them are in the USA. Still, experts know that can count only on few stock loans companies on your hand and well-established in this business and reliable.

That’s why this article and similar will be in published in series to reveal real scams and frauds in securities lending industry across the world.

If you plan to take a stock loan of any other similar product from securities lending, you should know what you should consider when selecting a company for your funds. 

It is vital to do some research and see the reviews of customers in every lender you are interested in approaching them and starting the procedure for taking stock loans.

When it comes to the legitimacy of Stock Loan Solutions LLC, you should never use this stock loan company. 

It has tons of false claims and negative reviews online, so it is perilous to use this company to satisfy your securities lending needs.

If you are not convinced why you must not use Stock Loan Solutions LLC, below are the 4 fundamental reasons you should not use this stock loan company.

It has no credibility. When you are looking for a reliable stock loans lender, you should check for the site’s credibility and the company managing it to see if it is legit. Stock Loan Solutions LLC company does not provide essential information about the company operating it. So Stock Loan Solutions LLC lacks credibility because SLS does not have verified details online. The Stock Loan Solutions LLC don’t have verified GMB profile even though “someone” opened but did not verify thoroughly, so this is making the Stock Loan Solutions LLC suspicious at any level.

Why is that?

If you can take a close look at the homepage, privacy policy and other pages, you will notice something very noticeable. This website is mainly using the word “SLS Sites”. SLS sites mean not just one website but multiple websites, so it’s evident that it is about some scam pyramid, which aims to attract businesses to take stock loans allegedly to help companies, far from the story they want to sell to interested parties.

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Their website’s privacy page and homepage and all other pages from the website show how they represent and what they will do and how safe they are.

This Disclaimer is all over the whole website, so this is a huge warning to anyone who is getting in venture or dealing with Stock Loan Solutions LLC.

We quote “Stock Loan Solutions is not a registered securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) or with any state securities regulatory authority. Stock Loan Solutions, its managers or affiliates have not been registered.

They do not plan to be registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 or any similar state or foreign securities laws. Stock Loan Solutions is not registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 or any similar state or international securities laws.”

They can not use Stock Loan Solutions LLC (LLC) when they clearly state that they are not or have the will to become a legal entity in the USA.

This fact is a clear case of committing fraud from Stock Loan Solutions LLC.

When a company doesn’t have at least essential credibility and has multiple sites far from ethical work and representation of one business, it is not well-established and untrustworthy. Please seek advice from securities lending professionals before seeking and getting in venture with some fraud stock loan company or at least “unknown” stock loan company in the industry.                          

It is unregulated. Stock Loan Solutions LLC is an unregulated company. On the website, it is not stated even one fact or statements operating under some licence or is registered officially under which number in the USA can be check-in registrar by anyone and even can check their total credit score or background. There is nothing online which can show that website is real and operates.

There are only a few searches on Google which this company bond with securities lending fraud cases and other lenders who are now part of criminal investigations which makes this company very suspicious. It seems that soon will be a target to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for suspicious activities.

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Aside from this, they clearly state that is nothing, nor they have the intention to have legal entity aka they are not a company nor will comply or be regulated by SEC nor will register a company or be a legal entity. This facts are BIG NO sign and must run away from them.

Your stocks are not secured. Exposing the facts about what we find on their website on the bottom as Disclaimer on all pages, they practically don’t exist or register a legal entity. And still using (LLC) and acting as the company is quite apparent that the stock you are giving for loans is not secure.

You are dealing with ghosts who can take cash out your stock on the stock exchange and disappear from the face of the earth. With the full right, we can say that Stock Loan Solutions LLC can put your company in danger and you will be facing problems to survive your company and hopefully will not put you in some criminal issues if you get in some venture with them.

They don’t have any reviews. If you have at least some reviews online about your website or services, it will be much easier to determine what the company or broker is doing. And you will be aware that something is going on with this website and that is dealing with clients on some basis and can confirm that maybe it will be ok to contact them and see what they will offer. Stock Loan Solutions LLC don’t have any reviews, nor you can find comment online good or bad.

Just take a look image above there is not even one single Google review and website is full with fake reviews which are not stated from who and for what is the review.

Missing infos: This is maybe the most important part for any website to establish is fake or not and website is just built to fake you or not.

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Just click on button Learn more and all will be clear. Nothing this is just putted with purpose to show you that they operate on 3 continents but sadly its showing that website just pure fake or some copy.

There are still lots of shady securities lending operators that are willing to take your money and run. The primary source of fraud in this industry is offshore brokers. The technology today enables the crook to replicate reputable sites, evade law enforcement, and dazzle you with marketing tricks designed to gain your trust.

Therefore, it is essential to bypass the glitz and discover real “diamonds” on the market. It saves you from fraud and leads you to the right path that will grow your investments. Actions speak louder than the website’s copies. Before getting in venture with someone, you must gain his full trust, and many of these frauds are magicians in their field to scam you and close your operation for good.

Why? Well, you will not have a second chance. It is one time now or never. This is how they put you in position to give you loans for your stocks on which they can manipulate and even make more money than you can imagine and sell it and say bye-bye without even you to know what happened. Find someone who is reliable and viable because these brokers are your business partner, after all, and we can help you.Visit our website securitieslending.uk.

Final wrap

Stock Loan Solutions LLC is neither a company nor any entity registered to operate in the USA, although they will show you everything to believe in them and say.

Sadly, if you are not careful, you will lose much money if you get in some deal with Stock Loan Solutions LLC and we highly advise to not contact in venture with them.

AgainStock Loan Solutions LLC are not trustworthy, not regulated; your stocks are not secured and don’t have any reviews which make them a high suspicious target to avoid getting in a deal with them.