16 most influential fashion gurus: how they look and what they dress

16 most influential fashion gurus: how they look and what they dress

Ah, fashion, fashion … How unpredictable you are! Today you like strict jackets and bright “boats”, and tomorrow – tracksuits and white sneakers. And you will never understand how to please you?

But there are people in the world who know exactly what hat style will be in trend tomorrow. These are fashion critics, designers, magazine editors, models and fashion designers. We want to tell you about the 16 most respected experts from the world of fashion.

Grace Coddington

You can easily recognize this woman with bright red hair in the crowd. Grace Coddington will definitely wear something extraordinary, stylish and even flashy. True, the creative director of the American Vogue should pay tribute – for her 78 years, she certainly does not look!

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo could easily get into our selection of freaks from the Russian metro , if she had ever gone there in one of her outfits. Creative consultant of the Japanese magazine Vogue is not afraid to experiment with images and is happy to try on things that others bypass.

Lynn Yaeger

But who really knows how to stand out from the crowd is Lynn Yaeger. A woman who easily combines in one bow a headset (cap of pilots), furs, winter boots, a skirt, lace, a leopard … In principle, anything! Not surprisingly, Vogue.com fashion editor is considered one of the most shocking, but at the same time the most influential fashion journalist in the world.

Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt – editor of the French magazine Vogue – has an impeccable sense of style. In most cases, all Alt exits are reserved, discreet, but memorable. It is worth noting that jeans, trousers and trouser suits prevail in her wardrobe – one of the main trends of this year.

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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, unlike her colleague, loves elegant dresses and sundresses. And many girls take an example from her, because Wintour is considered a kind of “bump” in the fashion industry. In particular, because since 1988 she has been the chief editor of American Vogue. Many stars of the fashion world could achieve serious success in this direction only after they were noticed by Wintour.

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld stopped working as Vogue Paris editor back in 2011. But she proved that you can be stylish and elegant, even breaking all ties with the world of high fashion. Each Roitfeld outfit looks like a tribute to classic and French chic.

Roitfeld now heads his own edition of CR Fashion Book and continues to be one of the main trendsetters of style.

Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera is the ex-editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia fashion department, and now the editor of Australian fashion department Vogue. If we compare the style of Christine with the style of some other fashion celebrities, we can say that she dresses quite modestly. At the same time, in every outfit there is some kind of “highlight”, elegance and light chic.

Angelica Cheng

Another “shy girl” in the fashion world is Angelica Cheng, chief editor of the Chinese version of Vogue. And although Cheng is not so often seen on television and seen at social events, in her country she is considered the main “blacksmith” of the fashion industry.

Julia Sarr-Jamua

Lush hairstyle and bright outfits are the business cards of Julia Sarr-Jamua. The fashion editor of British Vogue is not afraid to be noticed! And even those who do not like Julia’s specific style, at first sight fall in love with her sincere smile and originality.

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Kerry Pieri

Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Director knows how to look stylish in any weather. And Kerry Pierry generously shares her experience with other people. On her Instagram page, a woman often uploads photos with current outfits and answers people who are lost in the fashion industry with all their exciting questions.

Giovanna Battaglia

Goganna Battaglia, editor of the fashion department at Vogue, a Japanese magazine, literally combines the incongruous. In her images, the “leopard” successfully coexists with bright colors, classics, prints, military boots and unusual accessories. By the way, it is the “spotted” clothes that can be observed most often in Giovanna.

Hmm … I wonder why, when other fashionistas try to crank up a similar trick, do they necessarily fall into the selection of freaks with a strange taste?

Alexa Chang

Modest, stylish, elegant … There is nothing to add. So here she is the editor of the British Vogue Alexa Chang. In each of her outfits, the girl tries to emphasize the natural beauty, a slender figure and long legs, and, it should be noted, she succeeds very well.

Glenda Bailey

As a rule, Glenda Bailey prefers not too bright things of a classic cut – coats, dresses, trouser suits. But, like all women, sometimes Bailey likes to “play pranks”. For example, the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar magazine may appear in public in a red coat, sarafan with a “snake” print or a pink hat.

Suzy Menkes

Suzy Menkes is one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry. For a long time she was the editor of the International Herald Tribune, and now is the editor of Vogue for 23 international publications.

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And this despite the fact that the style of Suzy is often subjected to discussion and criticism from ordinary people. True, even the most aggressive of them agree that Menkes looks simply wonderful for her age – this year she turned 75 years old.

Kate lanfer

Kate Lanfer, for sure, is the idol of people who are desperate to regain their 2007. Her clothes are dominated by black, there are various brutal elements, but the oblique fringe is just a cherry on the cake. True, Lanfer fans always worry: will she spoil her vision with such a hairstyle?