3 Reasons Why CBD Business Needs SEO

3 Reasons Why CBD Business Needs SEO

It was an exciting couple of years for the CBD industry, right? Congratulations on seeing the wave of the future over others. It does not take long before more and more people jump aboard, and you quickly move from a pioneer to one of the masses. You never knew that, as an expert in the field of CBD, you have become an expert in search engine optimization (SEO).

Why do you ask? Let’s count the ways…

1. Stand in front of the crowd

 Stand in front of the crowd

As soon as the CBD becomes legal in terms of demographics, stocks of merchants jump on it. Drive along the main street of any city, and banners begin to appear in all types of businesses that they also sell CBD, from health food stores to smoking shops and even apply to gas stations and nail salons (hand heart, I saw it). You know, and the public will soon find out that all the CBD are not created equal.

There are several varieties of plants used to create oils and tinctures, and they directly contribute (or not) the desired effect that your customers seek. Now you and I know this, but educating your customers is the main goal, so they can clearly understand why your product is likely to meet their expectations and why they should make a purchase of CBD from you. The good news is that training your client doubles for your search engine optimization.

2. Prove the legality

Prove the legality

Your website is much more than a place to shop. This is your marketing plan. When it comes to search engines, their algorithms give the best results, and not in a static order, but as a ranking tool, and those that have the highest rating show the best results. There is a special place for companies that pay to be on top, but this can be achieved organically, which is a specialty here at Joseph Studio. The rating is determined by the amount of activity on your site, therefore, in order to rise in the rating, you must stimulate more activity on your site by visitors. Now think of all the ways you can seduce them!

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Website Content

Make your website what your visitors want to explore and draw attention to what you expect. The longer they spend on your website, the better it receives a ranking from Google as legitimate and useful. This rating puts your company on the first or fifth page when someone starts a CBD search, which brings new customers to you when they start a keyword search.

Fill your web page with useful information for your customers about your product. Include links to other parts of your site, your company’s history; philosophy of life … all is well. Using certain words and phrases when writing content will help users easily find your site using keyword searches. The greater the concentration, the closer to the top of the list your site appears in the search results – without having to pay for it.


Blogs serve several purposes for your business, your customers and your SEO. Use blogs to provide customers with targeted information for specific purposes, anecdotes, and the latest research and achievements related to the CBD.

Such blogs are beginning to establish your brand as an expert in the field of CBD, so your customers consider you and your company as a source of knowledge. Your blogs are content on your site, so you can use keywords here to make it easier to find keywords. As you continue to add useful information to your readers, they begin to look forward to your next blog entry, and your reputation begins to grow as a company with a heightened sense of integrity.

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Further, blogs encourage readers to linger on your site longer than visitors. This long-term behavior also positively affects your SEO ranking, as your site is ranked not only by the frequency of visits, but also by the duration of these visits.

Awareness against making unverified allegations is necessary for your honesty, so if you involve third-party authors, they need to be careful when writing anecdotal claims against clinical claims. Joseph Studios understands the incredible potential of CBD, as well as the limitations of financing clinical trials and product development investments. There is much more that needs to be studied to understand and confirm the benefits of CBD and cannabis.

3. A brand they can all trust

A brand they can all trust

When a potential customer searches Google and your company appears at the top of the list, the first impression is that you should be there because you are a popular and reliable company. This, of course, encourages them to click on your link as one of the first to start exploring. We are not talking about a single person. Imagine that these results make the same impression every time a keyword search shows your company in the top results for a day, week, and month. We are talking about hundreds and even thousands or more of people who consider your company one of the best in their search results.


The last SEO trick to share the benefits that your company considers a trustworthy brand is to use backlinks. Backlinks are links to other sites that point readers to your site. This practice is carried out between companies of similar interests, so that their customers would appreciate shared resources. This can also be done in relevant conversations, where a commentary recommending your company will be useful as part of the conversation, and will link readers to your site.

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Joseph Studios does a tremendous job of building relationships between enterprises that can mutually benefit from each other’s customer base, and makes cunning efforts to make mentioning in a casual conversation relevant and meaningful.

Who has time for this?

The good news is that there are many books, articles, and tips on how to run and maintain marketing campaigns for your business, so there are many opportunities to explore. Which method is better? The best answer is “it depends,” and many people will find out by trial and error. How much time and money do you have for experiments? If you work hard to create and operate your CBD business, you may encounter difficulties in determining the amount of quality time needed to create a strong presence and reputation for your business, in addition to the personal relationships that you have already established face-to-face with clients. Word of mouth is of great importance, but without establishing a media presence, you can miss out on more opportunities than you can imagine.