5 Ways to Get Free insfollowers followers

5 Ways to Get Free insfollowers followers

Increasing your Instagram insfollowers is not a piece of cake. There I said it, however, it is not impossible too. It just requires dedication, skill, and a good strategy.

Instagram is one of the platforms on which people can promote their brands or even get famous. Many people have gotten famous through this platform. So the question arises, how did they do it? There are many answers to this question but the biggest factor is due to their increased followership. When people see your stories, they follow you and which then results in thousands of followers and if you’re lucky – then millions.

We have prepared a short guide for you in which we’ll tell you how to get free Instagram followers in 5 ways.

1.    Post consistently at the right time:  

Firstly you must know that consistency is the key to gaining more insfollowers on Instagram. Everyone would want to see fresh content on their feeds hence it is necessary to create quality content. If you’re new to Instagram then try to create content and publish it daily so that when someone follows you they can see a variety of posts. 

2.    Engage with more people:

Your activity matters a lot. When you engage with people and respond to the comments it will create a positive impact among your followers. This trick will get more people to comment on your posts. Also, try to go on accounts of people or brands whom you like and be visible in the comment section. You can do this by starting conversations with people. You’ll make new friends and soon enough they’ll follow you.

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3.    Write fascinating captions:

Most people follow different accounts because they want to talk or want to engage in some way. You can take advantage of that and can be creative while writing your captions or stories etc. The more relatable you are, the more followers you gain.

4.    Optimize your Instagram bio:

I can’t emphasize this enough. Your Instagram bio is a BIG deal. Why? Because it is the first element that people would read before scrolling down on your profile. Always, focus on optimizing your bio. It can be done in 3 ways:

  • Upload a sleek and clear profile image
  • You can add your contact info, email info, or any link.
  • You must always use a language that feels like it was written by a real human and not by any bot etc.

5.    Promote your Instagram presence on other platforms:

Let’s say your Instagram doesn’t contain several followers but you do have amazing friends on Facebook or Twitter. Then you can promote your Instagram account on those platforms. A lot of people exercise this trick to gain more followers. When you will promote your content on the platforms in which you have a wider audience, people will be aware of your Instagram and will follow you on it. This trick is called funnelling insfollowers to Instagram.


Increasing your followers on Instagram doesn’t happen in a night, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Keep hustling and you will achieve your goal.