Sports Glasses: Performance Meets Safety

Sports Glasses: Performance Meets Safety

Whether you play sports as a professional or just for fun, it is imperative that you take care of your safety. That’s the reason why we have sports gear. Along with helping you give your best performance, sports gear goes a long way in keeping you safe and protected from any sort of injuries. 

Sports gear comprises a set of equipment – each assigned for different parts of the body. All of these equipment work in tandem to impart a safe sporting experience. One of the crucial components of safety gear is sports glasses. Sports glasses keep your eyes safe and also provide clarity in vision. 

I am a cyclist and was fed up with glare for a long time. After I bought a pair of cycling glasses, glare has been completely eliminated from my cycling experience. If you are a sportsperson, it is necessary that you put on a pair of sports glasses whenever you are playing. 

When you go to buy a pair of sports glasses, do keep these below-mentioned things in mind. It will certainly help you arrive at a perfect pair of sports glasses. 

The Right Material

You would definitely want your sports glasses to last for a long time, and therefore, need to look out for a pair that is durable. This is where the role of right material comes in. 

Both the frames and the lenses need to be made of materials that are sturdy and have a brilliant impact-resistance, as sports will require you to make a lot of dynamic movements.

Sports glasses frames made of materials such as high-grade acetate, TR90 and polycarbonate will certainly match the rough and tough nature of sports. For your lenses, polycarbonate will be an ideal pick. 

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In your search for best cycling glasses, or any other sports glasses, material is an important consideration that you have to make. 

Good Fit

While running a marathon or cycling through the mountain trails, you will not want to be put in a situation where you are required to adjust your sports glasses every now and then. A good fitting pair of sports glasses is something you just cannot compromise on.

Frames that are flexible, owing to the materials used, enhance the fit of your sports glasses significantly. Flexible frames adjust according to your face shapes, and rest properly on your face. You can also use straps to tie your sports glasses for that extra bit of support.

When you go to buy sports glasses, it is important that you try them on to check whether the fit is right for you or not. This is also possible if you buy sports glasses online – thanks to the home trial feature available over most of these sites.

I had bought my pair of cycling glasses online from Specscart. Before finalising my purchase, I had tried multiple pairs from the comforts of my home by availing their home trial feature. If you too are looking to buy sports glasses online, you can explore Specscart’s amazing collection and also follow them at Specscart Instagram for updates.

Sports Prescription Glasses

If you require eyesight correction and play sports, you will certainly need to ensure clarity of vision. You should keep in mind that your normal pair of prescription glasses is not the right eyewear option here. Instead, you should opt for sports prescription glasses. These pairs will ensure both eyesight correction and safety of your eyes.

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Just like you can get your normal pairs of glasses fitted with prescription, it is the same for sports glasses too. While buying your pair, just submit your prescription and your sports glasses will be fitted with the required prescription. 

UV protection

All sorts of outdoor sports will expose you to the sun’s harmful UV rays and there are high chances that you will be spending long hours under the sun, especially if you play very frequently.

If you encounter sunny conditions while performing, opting for sports glasses with lenses that have an UV protective coating is a must. The function of this coating is to block the harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. 

For a safe sporting experience under the sun, sports glasses with UV protection should be your go to option. You also have the option of wraparound variants of these pairs, which provide full peripheral coverage to your eyes.

Glare Protection

The chances of encountering glare during sports are very high. Light rays – on striking various obstacles – are reflected in all directions. The horizontally reflected light rays are the ones that are responsible for causing glare. When these light rays reach our eyes, we experience the condition of glare. 

One of the most common problems associated with glare include lack of clarity in vision, which is something you definitely can’t afford in sports. Sports glasses that come with anti-glare coating filter out the reflected light rays responsible for causing glare and therefore, eliminate the occurrence of glare.

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Other Protective Coatings

UV protective coating and anti-glare coating are two of the most important protective coatings for your sports glasses. However, there are also other protective coatings to enhance the performance of your sports glasses further. These include anti-fogging coating and hydrophobic coating.

Anti-fogging coating can be of great help during winters. While performing under foggy conditions, fogging of your sports glasses may be very common. This may hinder your vision. When you have an anti-fogging coating on the lenses of your sports glasses, fogging up of your sports glasses will certainly be prevented.

You might have to deal with rainy conditions in certain sports such as a marathon or cycling. Water droplets might settle on your lenses and cause irritation. This may even happen with sweat. A hydrophobic coating is what you need here. This coating will ensure that when the lenses of your sports glasses are met with water, it doesn’t settle down but slips off the surface. 

These were some of the important considerations that you should make while buying your sports glasses. Wish you a happy shopping experience!

Rahul Pandey