About Bokhara Rugs: 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy One

About Bokhara Rugs: 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy One

Decorating your own home can be daunting, yet a fun thing to do. You can play with different styles, themes, color combos, and create a unique look that reflects your character and speaks volumes about your personality.

In any case, no interior décor is ever complete without a nice handmade rug! The presence of a hand-knotted wool rug can anchor your room, adding a touch of warmth and liveliness to the entire space while making it feel more welcoming and luxuriously decorated.

But when it comes to buying a handmade rug, there are tons of different options available.

Which one to pick?

Definitely, an intricately handwoven Bokhara rug for sale!

Read on to find out why.

Features that Make Bokhara Rugs a Must-Have Décor Item

Their unique aura of magnificence, velvety soft feel, enchanting bold hues, and captivating geometric motifs are some of the major reasons why Bokhara rugs are in a league of their own.

If confused about handmade rug styles, know that a Bokhara rug, especially one featuring the classical red shade, can never go wrong. Here’s why:

The Traditional Design Patterns

In terms of design, Bokhara rugs are inherently traditional, simple, yet captivating. The ‘Tekke-faced’ Bokhara rugs have octagon-shaped motifs running all over their surface in a symmetrical manner. Surrounding these ‘elephant’s foot’ motifs, is a border with similar geometric patterns.

This design pattern of a Bokhara rug is deeply symbolic and the rug follows the same ancient style that was initially created by tribesmen from the Tekke tribe. In some cases, the designs are also influenced by design features of the Salor tribe belonging to the Central Asian region.

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When paired up with plain sofas and minimal furnishings, a Bokhara rug can really become the focus of attention in your living room.

The Materials Used

Similar to most high-quality handmade rugs, Bokharas are often made of wool and cotton.

In the early days, the wool and cotton used was usually collected by the weavers themselves. Then, the fine wool was handspun and dyed using 100% natural pigments extracted from plants and vegetables.

Today, although the wool used is of the finest quality, its often dyed synthetically. But there’s not much of a difference in how the rug feels – soft, luxurious, and velvety.

The Weaving Techniques Employed

An authentic handmade Bokhara rug is crafted by skilled weavers who’ve learnt ancient weaving techniques from their forefathers and worked their whole lives to keep the art alive.

The fingers that tie each single knot on a handmade rug such as this are so experienced that they don’t ever make a single mistake, because, well, there’s no room for mistakes.

Most commonly, a Bokhara rug is crafted using the age-old Persian knot weaving technique.

The Colors, The Colors, The Colors

Another amazing feature that Bokhara rugs are famous for – bold hues.

When buying a rug of this style, you’d often come across vibrant shades of red, green, and blue. Apart from these popular colors, you can also find Bokhara rugs in grey tones, gold rose, ivory, and other such earthy shades.

Which color of rug should you buy?

That depends highly on your existing décor. For instance, if your sofas are plain and in neutral hues, and the rest of your furnishings are not too bright, a bold-hued Bokhara may look great.

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On the other hand, if your living room is already filled with dark and lively shades, it’s best to go for a more subtle rug.

In a sense, always try to create a balance in your overall décor look. Remember, you want to add some liveliness, but without making the space look like a clown’s outfit.  

A Bokhara Rug Always Lasts Longer Than You’d Expect

As we just discussed above, these rugs are made of the finest quality wool and cotton. Also, they’re handcrafted by experts from the carpet manufacturing hubs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, with the Persian knot technique used in their making.

Hence, a handmade Bokhara rug is really strong and can last for years on end.

However, although the rug itself is highly-durable, it does require proper care and regular cleaning in order to retain its original shape for years on end.

To take care of your Bokhara handmade rug, follow these easy tips:

  • Clean the rug using a vacuum cleaner at least -3 times every week.
  • If anything is spilled over the rug, clean immediately before the stain dries up. Dried stains are hard too clean and can even become permanent in some cases.
  • Don’t place your rug in a spot that receives direct sunlight, this may cause the colors to fade.
  • Avoid placing the rug under heavy furniture or in a spot that gets too much foot traffic.
  • Get the rug cleaned professionally once a year.

So, next time you’re confused when buying a handmade rug online, go for a Bokhara!