Advantages of Special Vehicles from Japan

Japan is famous not only for its high-quality and reliable cars, but also for its specialised equipment. Recently, import special equipment from Japan is becoming more and more popular and profitable, as this equipment is optimally suited for Russian agriculture and the Russian market. Japanese tractors, loaders, compressors are very efficient.

Japanese-made products almost always have a high level of reliability, and excellent performance is successfully combined with the comfort of use.

Budgetary is not a characteristic feature of Japanese machinery, so buyers often fall into the trap of ‘the miser pays twice’ and go to cheap models, which, alas, and less qualitative. However, Japanese appliances – a guarantee that every penny will pay off. In addition, you can buy Japanese equipment and b/a. The performance of these products is so high that even the used machine can compete with analogues from other countries. The Japanese usually do not operate the machines as long as possible, so it is quite possible to find a model with a good discount, but the functionality as a new one.

The main Japanese brands of special equipment

Not all Japanese special equipment is produced in the country of the rising sun. Some models are manufactured in China, Malaysia, etc. With licences at such plants everything is in order, so you can not doubt the quality of these products, they are located in other countries solely because it is more profitable to keep production there.

The main brands:

  • ‘Komatsu’. This is a well-known company specialising in special equipment of different functionality: loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers. Their products are characterised by high reliability and excellent ergonomics.
  • ‘Yanmar’. Yanmar products are known to all those who come into contact with the sphere of agriculture or construction. Mini-excavators and loaders of this company are especially loved.
  • ‘Kubota’. The speciality of this company is mini-special equipment. Among the products of the company are widely represented mini loaders, mini tractors, as well as mini-excavators. Such equipment is the best option for small firms, small business.
  • ‘Kobelco’. This company has many branches in different countries of the world. Loaders and excavators of Kobelco brand are deservedly popular all over the planet because of their performance, reliability, economy.
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Japanese special equipment is an opportunity to carry out work without unnecessary repair costs. Today there are many companies that export new and used special equipment from Japan.