All about huawei freelace (Audio device)

All about huawei freelace (Audio device)

Today we’re going to feature the huawei freelace. It’s one of the audio devices of the Huawei portfolio. Where they’re going more into the wireless division now the free list is more fun wrap around your neck style of wireless are in short Bluetooth ear-buds as compared to free buds or like for example the rough space EB 40 where it’s more from wireless ear-buds overall.

Now the huawei freelace are more for sports, its rigid rubber construction in terms of the whole days itself has longer battery life as well up to 18 hours of playback as advertised in my two weeks of experience in using the Huawei free days.

Key points of huawei freelace

It’s a good experience using huawei freelace in terms of working out or on the go as compared to just being stationary or while at work.

  • The number one thing that I like about the free days is more of a close automatically with the magnets.
  • Its built construction is solid, you have a really good baseline of thick rubber.
  •  Then followed by the ends is more of the housing for the left side this houses the battery while on the right side you will see the controls for the power volume up, middle for play and pause and volume decrease.
  •  Interestingly in the build of the huawei freelace in the housing of the controls all you have to do is just pull the tab and you will be greeted with a USB type-c port.
  •  The type-c port is meant for connecting it to devices such as your smartphone with USB type-c so you can charge it faster as compared to other devices where you have to get a back adapter and then plug it in.
  •  It’s also more compact because it allows the huawei freelace to be more water-resistant as compared to other devices because you don’t want to be greeted with open ports.
  • The port has rubber shielding so it doesn’t have any chances of water going inside the whole mechanism.
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Unique Features of huawei freelace

When you’re running or doing something it won’t affect the overhaul, the overall vibration in terms of the silicone casing itself now that’s a wonderful thing that they also did the silicon casing on the huawei freelace after the vibration resistant and also comfortable. It doesn’t have the icky feeling where when it gets too hot it doesn’t stick to your skin. It’s enough as well for the overall construction that the battery in huawei freelace is 120 millimeters, which is enough for around seven hours of music in my experience. They are reading it at around 18 hours of playback and also standby time of more than one week.

Fittings & Audio

Using this at the gym is good. Most people only gripe more in the ear tips might vary according to the user. In the majority of the cases, the ear tips provided are actually in terms of overall fit left and right ear canals. You also get the five included ear tips on the package so you have to have the best snug fit for the regular ear tips. Ear tips still have a lot of problems in terms of when you’re intense in your running experience. It tends to fall off in my experience as well but overall in terms of comfort, I should say it’s nine out of ten.

Audio quality I have to say that it’s really impressive down to the volume itself; it can get really loud at the same time. The overall performance of the huawei freelace is good. It’s punchy but not to the base that it’s just flooding the overall soundstage. You can still hear clear vocals, clear instruments.

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I hope you will get enough knowledge after reading this blog post to make a confident decision whether this product is suitable for you or not.

Thank you!