Amazing predictions for Poland for 2020

Amazing predictions for Poland for 2020

What will Poland for 2020 look like ? Prophecies of various clairvoyants leave no illusions: Poles must make a great spiritual transformation. Not only the fate of Poland itself, but also the whole world depends on it.

Poland has many turbulent moments and amazing events. Fortunately, most of them lead neither to World War III nor to a climate catastrophe or a major crisis of a different nature. There will be more good than bad in 2020, but see for yourself by reading on.

Poland 2020 – predictions

Below you will find prophecies for Poland for 2020 that I was able to collect.

According to Jan Sowa, a sociologist at the Jagiellonian University, our homeland does not benefit enough from the current economic growth. Many economists and the ruling class satisfied with the results, while average Poles feeling the effects of ill-considered reforms.

Jan Sowa also sees a problem. He sees its cause mainly in demographics. Young people, for example, having graduated, flee the country. This trend leads to a social catastrophe, which the apogee Sowa sets for 2020. Poland depopulated then due to the lack of prospects.

George Friedman

George Friedman is the author of the book the next 100 years. Forecast for the 21st century, published in 2009. It is worth noting that many of his predictions have come true so far. This is important because Friedman is not a clairvoyant, but a futurologist (and a doctor of political science; a valued security expert in the United States) – his forecast is based on a rational analysis of current trends and world conditions.

Friedman claims that since 2015 the path to global confrontation between Russia and Western countries – mainly the USA, but also Poland and other Baltic countries – has been developing. In 2020, the conflict is expected to intensify, although neither side will decide to go to war.

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According to the futurologist, the Russians will manage to dominate the Caucasus and (probably) Moldova, but Poland will not succeed, although in 2020 the situation will seem hopeless. Ultimately, however, the West will win this peculiar Cold War, and Russia will lose all its allies and will not be able to keep up with the technological development of its opponents.

From 2020, Poland’s influence will begin to expand, thanks to which we will slowly start gaining importance in Europe. “Poland,” Friedman maintains, “will become a great and dynamic European power, leading the coalition of Eastern European states.”

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more prophecies regarding Poland in 2020 as soon as I find them. Therefore, the article will be updated as more interesting information appears.

What awaits Poland in 2020?

Below are the prophecies of Adam A. – our friend clairvoyant, who also shared his visions about the whole world.

  1. The threat of global economic crisis will increase, but even if it occurs in 2020, the Polish economy will hold relatively well. The situation will be slightly worse than in previous years, but there will still not be a disaster like in other countries.
  2. We certainly won’t experience something like the end of the world. Poland will not only disappear from the world map, but the world itself will not be destroyed. Civilization will continue to exist and any prophecies regarding a possible Armageddon will prove to be misguided.
  3. In Poland, all ideologies promoting abandoning the ubiquitous rat race and organizing life according to more spiritual values will be much more popular. This is not about religious movements, but about freedom and a life more in harmony with nature.
  4. Significant increase in the importance of alternative media – especially those that are made available via the Internet. Television and radio will record a drop in viewership. Ad revenues will also decrease significantly, as advertisers will increasingly focus on online advertising.
  5. In Poland, the division of society will continue. The parties that lose the elections in 2019 will start to spread disinformation and confusion to prove that the next ruling team is not coping with the problems arising in our country.
  6. More and more foreigners will settle in Poland. Part of society will show dissatisfaction, but it will quickly become obvious that the influx of new people is very much needed for the economy.
  7. Polish doctors will achieve two huge successes in transplantation and treatment of chronic diseases. These will be successes that will be talked about all over the world.
  8. There will be big changes in the authorities of Telewizja Polska SA. The current president will be embroiled in behind-the-scenes activities that will force him to completely change his program policy. Will public television become a reliable informer about current events again? There is a chance.
  9. A previously unknown Pole will come up with an idea that will revolutionize the Internet and may contribute to significant changes in sharing information around the world. Unfortunately, black clouds are gathering above his head. Perhaps the point is that the ruling elite will not like the new invention and will do everything to keep its existence secret. If this happens, in 2020 we will not even hear about the discovery of our compatriot.