Glen Rock’s Vehicle Inspection Check Point Results In 73 Citations.

Glen Rock’s Vehicle Inspection Check Point Results In 73 Citations.

Rock Glen NJ, on Friday, June 4th, between 9 AM and 1 PM, the Glen Rock Police Department staged a vehicle inspection check point along Maple Avenue at Harding Plaza in cooperation with the NJ State Motor Vehicle Commission. The goal of the operation is to promote safe driving habits and remove unsafe automobiles off the road. The checkpoint provided the additional benefit of letting 70 drivers whose cars needed to be inspected to do so without charge and with little wait time.

A total of 73 summonses were given out to drivers of vehicles that were found to have safety violations, one unsafe vehicle was taken off the road, 4 vehicles were discovered to be unregistered, 2 drivers had their licences suspended, 2 other drivers were discovered to be driving without a licence, and 1 driver received a summons after driving past checkpoint officers while using their cellphone. When the new jersey motor vehicle commission discontinued the safety testing element of motor vehicle inspections as a cost-saving measure in 2010, now testing just for emissions, these kinds of local checkpoints were essential. The responsibility for issuing tickets to drivers for equipment that is not in conformity or for failing to make repairs was moved to local law enforcement as a result of the removal of mechanical inspections.

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