Master’s degree in teacher training: one more step to reach your dream

Master’s degree in teacher training: one more step to reach your dream

Devoting oneself to teaching often implies a vocational component and the way of becoming a teacher has varied over the years. Today we can distinguish specifically public and private education. In the case of the public, it will be necessary to approve oppositions to obtain a place in the centers of the autonomous communities that you have chosen.

In the private sector, it can depend on the type of teacher (child, primary, and bachelor) but, almost always, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in teacher training and, in some autonomous communities with their own language, a degree that proves your domain.

You are preparing some competitions to be a teacher, the master’s degree in teacher training can also be useful, mainly because it replaces the old CAP (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude) necessary to practice compulsory secondary education, professional training and Baccalaureate. Many universities offer the online mode so you can attend classes online and do not have to waste time with commuting.

Specialties in the teacher training master

Within a teacher training master’s degree you can find specialties so that the student can devote himself to teaching focused on the different subjects and other areas of secondary education. These are what we usually find in the master’s program:

  • Humanities: Geography and History, Foreign language (English), Spanish language and literature.
  • Health sciences: health processes.
  • Social and legal sciences: Economics and business, Training, Labor orientation (FOL), Educational orientation.
  • Artistic expression: music, drawing, plastic arts.
  • Techniques: technology and information technology.
  • Science: Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Geology, Mathematics.
  • Physical education.

Each person who is interested in pursuing a master’s degree in teacher training should consult which specialty they can access depending on their degree. Depending on the school or university these requirements may vary.

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Advantages of studying a master’s degree in teacher training

If you want to become a high school teacher, compulsory secondary education or FP do not hesitate to access the teacher training master. In addition to granting you the compulsory degree, it will provide you with other advantages when practicing as a teacher:

  • You will know the pedagogical tools necessary to be a teacher of your specialty. You will also learn teaching and learning methods.
  • You can access internships in official centers and recognized by the Government of your Autonomous Community.
  • You will learn methodologies based on different learning dynamics: cooperative, based on projects and work, etc.
  • You will have a complete training about the curricular contents of your specialization that will define your profile as a teacher.
  • Awareness about the use of new technologies in the classroom and at the same time includes them in the content of the subject.
  • Relate educational strategies to the needs of modern classrooms such as individual attention to students, problem solving, innovations and ways to evaluate.

The importance of establishing contact with groups and associations of parents of students, as well as with other teachers and staff of the center in order to find solutions to conflicts that may occur in the classroom.