Looking for job abroad through LinkedIn?

Looking for job abroad through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers you several advanced options to better define your way of looking for job

  • Do you know all the possibilities that LinkedIn offers you to find a job?
  • We show you how you can use LinkedIn to find employment in other cities and abroad.
  • Take advantage of all the tools in this network to expand your contacts and find work effectively.

According to the default values ​​of the professional social network and according to the information on your LinkedIn profile, you receive notifications and notices about “jobs that might interest you”.

Normally, these job offers take into account your location and therefore offer you jobs related to your place of residence and nearby areas.

If your goal is to broaden your search for job offers or you are interested in working abroad, we tell you how you can use the advanced job search tools to adapt the offers to your interests.

In this way, you can receive notifications and consult job offers in other cities or countries regardless of the location data of your profile.

How to use LinkedIn’s advanced job search

LinkedIn predetermines the job search section taking into account your country and city of residence. Therefore, all the offers that you show are limited to this national zone.

If you decide to expand the search area, you just have to go to the “Advanced search” link and configure the different options, defining the country or countries where you are interested in looking for job.

Once the country is defined, you can specify more details of your search, adding other information such as, for example, the postal code.

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You can also configure more options that will make your search more effective, such as sectors or professional roles or roles.

Once these advanced options are configured, the job offer you can consult will not be limited to your location and will be governed by the parameters and countries chosen. In this way, you can look for jobs in your city, at the same time as you do in the United Kingdom or Germany.

Create your job alerts

If you do not want to miss any offer and want to speed up your active search in other countries or cities, it is best that you create your own job alert , so that you receive notifications with the new publications of job offers that are made.

To do this, you just have to go to the “Save search” option. In this tab, LinkedIn allows you to save the parameters of the search you have made and also create an alert that alerts you with new offers that meet your country, city, sector and job function requirements.

You can determine the timing of the alert, so that you receive notifications daily, weekly or monthly.

If you want to review your options or edit them, you should go to the “Jobs” section in the main menu of the page. On the right side, you will see the option of “Saved searches”, where all your choices are defined.

By having a free LinkedIn account you can generate and save up to 10 daily and simultaneous job alerts. In this way, you can monitor all job offers according to location or job.

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Find out about all the options offered by LinkedIn, so that you can search for a job more effectively and according to your professional goals.