Forget your pajamas and know the 10 benefits of sleeping naked

Forget your pajamas and know the 10 benefits of sleeping naked

You can reduce the risk of disease and improve your health, your self-esteem and your relationships. Do not think twice and try these benefits of sleeping naked.

On World Dream Day it is important to raise awareness about the benefits of a proper rest, but also of the alternatives and advantages we have at bedtime.

The great Marilyn Monroe, besides being an exceptional actress, is considered, even today, as an icon of fashion and sensuality. People from all over the world try to imitate their style. However, there is something that all of us should learn from it. On August 7, 1952, while conducting an interview for Life magazine, he said that only 5 Chanel was in bed. A very wise decision, since sleeping naked has many benefits.

To achieve optimal sleep, it is best to sleep in a room that is about 18 or 19 degrees. Needless to say, it is necessary to have a quality mattress and not very old and some soft and seamless sheets. And, despite the fact that each person is a world, it is normal that we achieve a greater rest the fewer clothes we wear.

Thanks to Very Interesting, now we have been able to know what are the benefits of sleeping as we arrived in the world.

  • In full bikini operation (for those who still try) there is another trick that can help us lose weight. Sleeping naked and at a cool temperature, we will get our brown adipose tissue to activate and begin to generate heat, which will lead to the burning of white fat (which makes us fat). The deeper the sleep, the longer and better the brown fat can act. In addition, by sleeping naked, we reduce the stress we suffer. By getting calmer, we will avoid anxiety and eat less.
  • But, it’s no use being thin if we have wrinkles. It is recommended that you start using a moisturizer during your university years and not wait to get older, when it is very difficult to end them. Sleeping naked and in a room below 20 ° C, we can release melatonin and hormones that help the regeneration of skin cells in a simpler way. It all depends on knowing how to regulate your body temperature naturally.
  • As we have said, a good regulation of body temperature is essential to fall asleep. Sleeping naked helps to reach the REM phase the most restorative sleep stage and moment in which we consolidate our memory.
  • In general, sleeping naked is very favorable for our health, since we can prevent cholesterol, regulate appetite and stimulate growth hormone.
  • But, in addition, it is very common to get up in the morning and notice certain marks on the body that can be caused by elastic, seams, buttons or ties. By sleeping naked, we can enjoy better circulation.
  • Sleeping in a cool room without pajamas, we get the ideal temperature to improve insulin sensitivity. Thus, our chances of suffering from diabetes decrease.
  • And, even if it seems silly, people who sleep naked present, in their daily lives, a more positive view of problems and higher self-esteem and confidence. Women, when they paint their lips, are able to face life with another perspective. Well this is the same.
  • Entering the intimate ground, they can improve sexual relations with your partner. Skin to skin causes both bodies to release oxytocin. After the break, you will find yourself in a better mood and with a greater desire. In addition, this hormone reduces blood pressure and stress.
  • Women who sleep naked may avoid infections in their intimate areas, such as fungi.
  • Men who sleep naked will be more fertile, since their organs will maintain an adequate temperature.
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