Basic Rules for Women Co ords Clothing| What You Need to Know

Basic Rules for Women Co ords Clothing| What You Need to Know

Coords are outfits that suit all occasions. You can wear women co ords on your casual walks, strut your stuff in the office, or attend a gala donning elegant-styled ensembles. These 2022 trends of matching top and bottom fabric are seen everywhere. And more designers will be creating styles like these throughout the year. 

But as easy as women co-ords sets can be used, there are still rules for wearing these matching sets. Here is everything that you need to know about them: 

Rules for Women Co ords Clothing


Wear the right jewelry

The matching sets already take center stage for your look but you still need to wear jewelry to accentuate your style. With this kind of outfit, one basic rule to follow is having minimal jewelry. 

Earrings are great accessories because they brighten up and bring focus and attention to your face. A good option is wearing a set of statement earrings. These are the ones with glitter and diamonds that can lighten up your appearance. 

You have to take note of the shape of your face when choosing the right pair of earrings. Oval-shaped faces can wear pearls or teardrops. For round faces, it is recommended that you use dangles or drop earrings to balance your facial shape. Hoop earrings are suggested to those who have a wide jawline and have a square-shaped face. 

Wear a simple shirt

Some coords have a long sleeve blazer top and high waist pants. For these types of women co ords, you need to keep things simple. Wearing a simple white shirt is enough. In this way, you can bring all the attention to the coords, especially if you are wearing printed fabrics. 

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Keep it formal 

For events that require formal attire, it is best to keep your co-ords subtle as well. Co-ords with monochromatic colors are recommended depending on the theme of the event. You should choose fabrics of co-ords that are sleek and have a good weight. This will blend well with the occasion that you are attending. Keep your style smart and yet stylish at the same time. 

Some designers opt for color-blocking. This means using contrasting colors on the same fabric. If you want to stand out in your formal event, you can also wear women co ords like these. A lot of stores offer these kinds of matching sets at affordable prices. Some shops even offer a 6 Euros Coupon for Allylikes new users without threshold. Don’t forget to use discount codes: NEWUK at the checkout.


Wear co-ords as a set

Women almost always go for co-ord sets for one main reason- so that they can wear one-half of the set with another outfit. While this is still true and a nice way to save money, you should not buy co-ords for this reason.

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Coordinating sets are made so that they are worn together, not apart. They are designed so that they will look good on you as one ensemble. Trying it on and thinking of another skirt or blazer to partner with your co-ords is not a very good idea. You might as well buy the half and get another top or the bottom clothing that suits your type of fashion. 


Women co ords are fun and stylish. They are created to give you freedom in your movement, style in your outfit, and chic in your everyday life. Observing the basic rules of co ords clothing will enhance your look and add elegance to your already sleek fashion. Make sure to follow these rules and get on the trend of women co ords.