Best 3 Indirect Water Heaters For Homes

Best 3 Indirect Water Heaters For Homes

Indirect water heaters come in several sizes and capacities, ranging from 35 to 125 gallons. So, when one is planning to buy a water heater, he should be mindful about the size of the household as well as the size and capacity of the heater. Are you too looking forward to get a new indirect water heater for your home? Well, if it’s a small family, you would need to find here something with a capacity of say 35-45 gallons. These small indirect water heaters are really popular and you will find them today in varying specifications. One can read indirect water heater reviews for homes on this well researched article.

Heat-Flo HF-40

If you are looking for an indirect heater that assures both great durability and excellent heat retention, you will find this here. Made of stainless steel (reinforced) this Heat-Flo model not only speaks of longevity but of heat retention for longer period as well.

Another great aspect of the heater is that it comes with powder finish on its exterior and exterior which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. You will get a standard design here with porcelain heater coil. Mention must be made of the opening lid at top and bottom which assures easy temperature regulation. Not only that, it also prevents overheating issues and breaking.The lid is also handy to reach heating coil which helps in easier cleaning.

Then, this state-of-the-art indirect water heater comes with remote control. Thus, you will be able to operate it remotely without even touching the buttons on heater physically. The package carries an instruction booklet which features easy instructions on operating the heater like a pro.

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  • Prevents overheating strategic placement of grates
  • Easy to run
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Booklet offers clear instructions


  • Not compatible for big households
  • Catches dust easily


If you are in quest of high performing water heaters for extremely cold areas, the AB IWH401C is the answer for you on this site. It’s to note here, the heater tank is specifically engineered to withstand cold and harsh temperatures. You can check out to more about the water heater.

This is a high-performance 38.6 gallon water heater that promises a much impressive 2.5 KW heat output per hour. In other words, the heater is able to handle considerable water volumes at the same time. The heater also assures a standard recovery rate which is 21 gallon per hour. Go through hod9 article for better understanding of the features of the heater.

The heater tank has been made with sturdy stainless steel (enamel finish) which guarantees solid protection from corrosion as well as rust build-up. The tank is able to deal with corrosive hard water and hence you won’t need to install any additional pipe system to make the heater compatible with hard water. The tank exterior has been made from galvanized steel which makes the model even stronger and more durable. Mention must be made of the insulation layer in between inner and outer tank which acts as a source of heat preservation and hence reduces the rate of heat loss big time.


  • Extremely strong, durable and guarantees protection against rust, corrosion and scales
  • Especially designed to withstand harsh winters
  • Cutting-edge enamel steel design
  • Compatible with high temperatures
  • Prevents surface damage
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  • Not suitable for large households

Rheem HP40RH

Rheem is one of the most renowned names when it comes to plumbing appliances and this water heater is one of the best models from the esteemed brand. The heater is made of stainless steel which stands for strength and excellent durability. Another plus is, the heater comes with leak-proof advanced coil heater compartment. You will be glad to know this Rheem product is almost maintenance free.

Then, the HP40RH unit has received rave reviews for its fast heating prowess- a great pointer to mind when you are set to buy a quality high-performing indirect water heater for a busy household. The heater surface is powder-coated which implies easy clean-up. Besides, powder-coated surfaces are also better resistant to scuffs and scratches.

The interior part of the heater body is made of Terapex ceramics which assures great heat retention. So, you have a highly energy-efficient model here. Besides, the heater will be able to resist unwanted rust formation for up till 5 years.


  • Interior made from Terapex ceramics that assures excellent heat retention
  • Great durability
  • Available in various sizes


  • Heavy size
  • Paint might chip off