California Guide to Rideshare Insurance

California Guide to Rideshare Insurance

When you are putting your car with a ridesharing company then you must know that you need to have rideshare insurance for your car. A common misconception is that your personal car insurance is going to provide coverage for your car which is registered with ridesharing companies. Rideshare commercial insurance is very important in California. It is required by the state laws so there is no way you can ignore it. Know that personal auto insurance in California would only give you coverage for your losses that occur during personal use or commute. But when you use your car for commercial purposes such as ridesharing then you need to get separate plans.

Today there are many rideshare companies working in California that you can join if you wish to make some money by driving people. Two famous options are Uber and LYFT. Both of these companies have a basic requirement of rideshare insurance for drivers who want to come on board with them. If you are wondering if can I buy just rideshare insurance then know that yes you can buy this insurance when you sign up with the rideshare companies.

There are different kinds of coverage you can get in different phases of ridesharing. Here in this post we have discussed the phases you should know about before getting the best rideshare insurance in California.

Rideshare insurance coverage phases that you should know about!

Rideshare is different from traditional car insurance. This is because the coverage options are a bit different in this type of insurance:

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Period 0

The zero period is the time when you are driving the car without logging in to your rideshare application. At this time the ridesharing companies are not involved. In case of any damages or an accident, you would have to put the claims before your personal car insurance provider. 

Period 1

Period 1 is the time when you turn on your rideshare app. The rideshare application would connect you with passengers who want to travel with you. Now during the time when you are waiting to connect with the passenger if your car gets involved in an accident then you can get coverage. If you are driving your car without signing up then you have to pay for the losses yourself. Rideshare insurance can only be obtained if you are active on the app.

Period 2 & 3

Periods 2 and 3 in rideshare car insurance in California are the most important ones. When you have received a ride request and are en route to get them from their location, this time is known as period 2. Now when you pick up your passengers and are going to drop them off; the time until they get off your car is period 3. You can get coverage for your passenger as well as your car during this time. You can easily get medical coverage with rideshare insurance.

End words

If you are wondering about rideshare insurance in California’s cost then know that the cost of these plans depends on different factors. The best way to get it at the lowest cost is by bundling it up with your personal car insurance plan.