Six Healthy Ingredients You Must Add in Your Breakfast Meal

Six Healthy Ingredients You Must Add in Your Breakfast Meal

You make the worst mistake possible when you leave the house without a proper breakfast meal. Know that skipping breakfast will not give you the energy to spend the day. It will only put your body at risk. There is an absolute logic behind breakfast being the most important meal of your day. Remember that breakfast provides you with nutrients to spend the rest of the day. No nutritionist will ever recommend anyone to skip breakfast meals. Many people who want to lose weight skip the first meal of their day. It is wrong to think skipping meals will make them burn fat faster.

Even if you are losing weight, breakfast holds a must-have place in every diet plan. What you should not do is purchase ready-to-eat meals from catering fridges. The reason why most people skip breakfast or choose ready-to-eat junk food is because of their tight schedules. In the 21st century, people barely have time for anything other than work or school. The shortage of time comes in the way of cooking meals at home. Remember that ready-to-eat meals are not hygienic or nutritious. They contain chemicals and artificial flavors that harm the human body. Ready-to-eat junk food can also cause many diseases, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

The best option is to make quick meals at home. Know that there are many healthy recipes you can find on the internet. Many recipes will only require a maximum of 10 minutes of cook time. You can also make a custom breakfast. To make a healthy breakfast, you will need an appropriate amount of nutrients. There are some must-have ingredients you should include in your breakfast. Following is a list of six healthy ingredients you must add to your breakfast meal.

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1.    Vegetables: 

Vegetables always top any list of healthy food items. Know that vegetables are a part of every diet plan as they can provide us with the maximum nutrients. Make sure your breakfast has the required amount of vegetables. The best veggie options are green vegetables.

2.    Protein: 

Protein is a requirement for the human body. We all need protein to build muscles and tissues. Protein deficiency can drastically affect our skin, hair, and nails. The most common option is meat. You can add chicken, mutton, beef, or fish to your breakfast. You can also use eggs if you don’t consume meat. If you are vegan, the best protein options are quinoa, lentils, nuts, seeds, and brown rice.

3.    Fresh Fruits: 

Your breakfast will never be complete without some fresh fruits. Know that you can use fruits as a healthy side dish. Fruits will add some richness to your meal. During hot weather, fresh fruits will also refresh your body. Fruits contain juices that give our body and mind energy to fight diseases.

4.    Drinks:  

Every healthy meal contains a healthy drink. When it comes to breakfast, we have several options. You can make black coffee, green tea, or juice for breakfast. In Addition, you can use store-bought Juices that are stored in all the grocery stores’ refrigerators such as Tefcold UR400 at the right temperature. You can also make fruit and veggie smoothies. If you like milk coffee, then low-fat milk should be your priority. Vegans can take soy, oat, or any plant-based milk as a drink.

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5.    Low-fat cooking oil:  

You will need any fat to cook your breakfast meal. Many people choose butter for cooking or baking meals. Know that butter contains a lot of calories and unhealthy fats. The best option is vegetable cooking oil. Know that nutritionists suggest people use olive oil in their meals. You can also use avocado oil if you like the flavor.

6.    Flavorings:  

Flavorings are a must for every meal. You will need some flavorings for both sweet and savory meals. Make sure you choose natural sweeteners for your sweet breakfast recipes. You can use honey or maple syrup. Do not add a lot of salt to your savory recipes.

Avijit Ghosh