Prices & Membership Fees for Virgin Active in 2023

Prices & Membership Fees for Virgin Active in 2023

Virgin Active is one of the world’s most popular premium gym chains, with over 200 world-class clubs in multiple countries around the world. In addition to traditional weight training and cardio equipment, they provide a plethora of other facilities to their members.

So, if you want a high-end gym membership with non-monotonous workout sessions, Virgin Active is a viable option.

But how much does Virgin Active fees? Virgin Active prices are determined by a variety of factors, including club location, facilities offered, management policies, and, of course, the country in which they are located.

This article will walk you through the virgin active membership fees and other prices in various countries.

So, keep reading!

Virgin Active Membership Fees in the Uk

A quick table of Virgin Active prices for various types of memberships is provided below for most locations in the UK.

The membership options are divided into age groups, such as minors, teens, early youth, adults, senior citizens, and so on.

So go over the entire table.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Costs in the UK
Individual Memberships
Normal Virgin Active membership (12-month commitment)
Joining Fee £0.00
Monthly fee£81.99
Normal Virgin Active membership (Rolling monthly)
joining fee£20
monthly fee£87.99
12-month Virgin Active off-peak membership
joining fee£0.00
monthly fee£69.99
16-17 year age group (Rolling Monthly)
Joining Fee£10
Monthly Fee£40
18-21 year age group (12-month commitment)
Joining Fee£0
Monthly Fee£47
18-21 year age group (Rolling Monthly)
Joining Fee£15
Monthly Fee£56
22-25 year age group (12 months)
Joining Fee£0
Monthly Fee£59
22-25 year age group (rolling monthly)
Joining Fee£20
Monthly Fee£69
65+ membership (12 months)
Joining Fee£0.00
Monthly Fee£54
65+ membership (Rolling Monthly)
Joining Fee£25
Monthly Fee£61

In addition to these standard plans, Virgin Active clubs in the United Kingdom provide corporate, family, and vitality packages. These are essentially discounted membership options.

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Contact your local club to learn more about such extra plans and their prices.

Also, those are the average prices you can expect to pay at various Virgin Active clubs across the UK. The final price may differ from one club to the next.

Avijit Ghosh