Three Essential Tips to Take Care of Horses

Three Essential Tips to Take Care of Horses

Horses are mighty creatures. They are social creatures that can help you have a good time, get outside, and get in touch with other people that share the same passions. Meanwhile, for some horse owners, simply spending a day with their horse can be therapeutic.

Unlike cats and dogs, horses are a very big responsibility to their owners. They need more food, more maintenance, more space, and the list goes on. They require more commitment, and of course, your expenses can spike too. Horses need your care, love, and respect to thrive. 

If you have the financial resources and are ready for the commitment, a horse can become your ideal friend. You can enjoy the company of this mighty creature and let your friends and family come over too. If you want your horse to thrive, you must make things possible before time.

Here are a few essential tips that can help you in taking care of your horse.

1. Prioritize the Diet

Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a horse, the first step to ensure their welfare and protection is through nutrition. The first priority of every horse owner must be to ensure that their friend always has access to clean water and fresh hay.

You may not know this, but horses have small stomachs. Therefore, they enjoy little meals throughout the day instead of having 2-3 meals like other animals of their size. If you think you cannot keep up with this frequency, you can use a hay feeders at your farm to ensure the availability of food.

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You can also try using a mixture of hay and grain for your horse if a green pasture is not available. A green pasture is not necessary, but make sure that you enrich the diet of your horse with supplements and vitamins to create a healthy diet plan.

2. Groom Your Horse

Cats are not the only pets that appreciate cleanliness. Once you get a horse, you will realize that grooming a horse is just like grooming a many times bigger cat. Every horse may not need a daily shower, but they need daily grooming.

Every horse owner needs to groom their horse to remove dirt and mud from the horse’s body. Daily grooming can also help you see if your horse has any injuries, blisters, or scratches that need your attention.

Whenever you shower your horse, make sure to use mild shampoo with warm water to wash your horse. Grooming and cleaning can give your horses a luminous look.

3. Clean the Stable

Just like humans, horses also need a clean and spacious place to live. Horses have a free nature, and if you restrict their movement, their health and moods can be impacted. Therefore, stable maintenance is necessary to keep your horse happy.

Make a habit of sweeping debris and removing manure on a daily basis. Horse hoofs are very sensitive, and if you let the manure sit, it can lead to a hoof infection. Besides cleaning, make sure that you replace the bedding regularly so that they can lie down and rest during the day.

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