Can Circumcision Be Done Twice?

Can Circumcision Be Done Twice?

The penis portion of a male has extended skin at first and it can be removed after birth or later. This decision mostly lies with the parents especially when the child is born. Afterward, it is mostly the decision of the male to undergo circumcision or not. In circumcision, the extended skin on the penis forehead is surgically removed at circumcision clinics like Circumcision Pro  and using several available tools. Modern methods do exist, but again they depend on the timing of the circumcision. 

What is Circumcision? 

Although we have given you a good brief introduction about circumcision, it is also what you can expect. In addition, the rituals about when a male is born, in several parts of the world especially in the Middle East, it is a trend to undergo circumcision at this age. A lot has to do with religious beliefs, and among Muslims, it is compulsory to undergo circumcision after birth. 

In circumcision, the sole purpose is to remove an extended portion of the skin on the penis’s forehead. This extending skin covers the front of the penis and troubles in several areas. For example, a simple urine process is damaged and troubled when there is a covering over the penis. Moreover, some cases also come forward where a male has to suffer from UTIs and thus undergo treatment. 

When conditions grow to such an extent, then a male can decide on a circumcision process with his doctor. However, at this age, there will be more complications alongside the procedure. For example, you can experience bruises and swelling since you will be undergoing surgery. Hence, the better choice remains to undergo circumcision at a young age. 

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What is Re-Circumcision? 

You can name it differently and however, you like. We call it re-circumcision since it means to undergo circumcision again after the first attempt. It is not necessary to undergo it again if you think that there is no issue with the first procedure. Moreover, you can consult with your doctor if you need another process. The first indication can come through the fact that the extended portion is not fully removed or taken out of the line of action of your penis face. This extended portion needs a removal at best. Else, there will be no meaning to a circumcision process. 

Moreover, people cannot decide about re-circumcision easily. It is since mostly this happens when a person is an adult or close to an adult. At this age, it is mostly surgeries and then coping with them. Thus, complications can come along, but they may not be as troubling as undergoing circumcision for the first time. Good guidance is to correct the first circumcision mistake before your child turns into a male. 

Why Circumcision is Preferred After the Birth of a Male Child? 

The timing of a circumcision process is demanding and requires a deeper understanding. It is since such a procedure requires the person to experience lesser pain and the idea of getting something trimmed off the genitals. An adult male can overthink the procedure considering how he thinks of his genitals and the removal of skin from there. And modern methods involve surgeries, blood, and pain that comes afterward. Moreover, they have to skip and wait for several things such as sex, driving, and heavy lifting and loading work. 

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What best they can do is take a shower, but that too with utmost care. Often the aftereffects come when doctors use stitches and dissolvable bandages that go off but bring more pain. When you consider all such complications, we think you may need to look twice at the decision that can come your way. For this, doctors present a good solution to get your male circumcised within the first week of the birth. It takes only minutes to undergo the process and bring respite to your child. 

How Re-Circumcision is Done?

Re-circumcision is done by using a traditional method of sleeve surgical technique. In such a method, the circumcision is performed on that extending foreskin that is not trimmed off properly during the first procedure. Another thing to note is that re-circumcision is done for adults and males that have unusual foreskin extending over the penis. 

Thus, the skin initially gets ignored by the surgeon and upon age, there comes the need to perform circumcision again. The methods though can vary considering the age of the patient likewise. 

What is the Care Needed for the Revision of Circumcision? 

Regular care after a circumcision procedure is standard for adult males. In essence, when undergoing re-circumcision, the same care factors are applied to the cause. And these include:

  • Avoiding driving straight away after discharging 
  • Wait for sex 
  • Take shower but try not to wet the circumcised area 
  • Dressing remains for around 2 days, and doctors then use ointments and regular medications
  • Use non-stick ointment to avoid penis sticking to diapers and underwear 
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Conclusion: Be Prepared! 

We can only guide that once a male child is born, being a parent try to undergo proper circumcision. Such a procedure early on protects your child from health troubles and complicates aftercare later.