Roofing services from Enviroply Roofing are the best available for commercial and industrial properties. Blue roofs, green roofs, and many other high quality Roofing survey services are available in the North West for both properties and businesses. One of the most important services we provide is a roof survey. Essentially, this is the basis of what we do. Nevertheless, why should you have your roof surveyed at all? Is it beneficial for businesses to have their roofs inspected?


An inspection or report of a roof serves the same purpose as a roof survey. The roof is examined by experts to determine its condition and determine if any problems exist. There are a number of issues or problems to consider:

  • Water can pond on flat roofs or stand as a result of poor drainage or maintenance. Rainwater can accumulate on flat roof surfaces if gutters and downspouts are clogged or do not drain properly.
  • Infiltration or leaks of water- If water gets into your building, you may need a considerable amount of money and time to fix it. The benefit of commercial roof surveys is that water leaks can be detected early, so damage can be avoided before it gets worse.
  • General wear and tear- Every roof will eventually be damaged by UV rays, rain, snow, and even the wind. You can also encounter problems with your roof due to birds.
  • When your flat roof is not constructed using a strong and durable material, over time it will corrode, rip, or tear. Aside from improper adhesive application and mechanical fixing, this can also occur.
  • From rotten or damaged roof decks to exposed insulation or holes, a roof can fail for numerous reasons. These problems can be identified by an inspection of your roof.
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Why should companies consider analyzing their roof surfaces?

Professional commercial roof surveys allow you to discover potential problems with your roof which can be prevented. This knowledge can be beneficial in a number of ways, including:

  • Your roof can be repaired before it is too damaged if you find time-saving solutions to any problems you may encounter.
  • In order to determine your options for a new roof, you should examine the condition of your existing roof deck.
  • Those considering the purchase of a new commercial property may find an independent roof survey very useful. We can negotiate the price if there are any issues or faults.
  • In addition, the roof survey can be used to file a claim with your insurance company for repairs. This means that a new roof can be installed on your property without compromising your profits.

Increased cost efficiency

By conducting regular inspections, your roof’s minor problems are identified on time, preventing costly repairs. Besides saving money, small repairs are completed much faster than those big ones.

For insurance claims, dilapidations, and property purchases in London and West Midlands, we provide Roof Surveys.

In addition to built-up felt, synthetic single ply, liquid applied membranes, composite panel clad roofs and tiles, we can survey all types of industrial and commercial buildings.

In response to your letter, our team will inspect your property at a time that is convenient for you, examine your roof for all aspects, identify problematic areas, and recommend a waterproofing solution customized to your building and its needs. Our roof and gutter inspection will include photographic evidence and options for repairs, refurbishment or replacement.